Nov 11

CBC’s As It Happens covered this story last week and the amount of times the host said boiled chicken made me giggle like a small child (in my defense he was playing up how “good” boiled chicken is).

Aug 23 2018

I was so tempted by that product but then I thought about the birds. 😢

Aug 23 2018

Who are these monsters in your area that have water balloon fights on a fucking BEACH?? BAN THEM FOREVER.

Nov 7 2017

The ‘story’ is perhaps the most important aspect of art. So many things are beautiful and rare, but it’s the piece with the best story behind it that wins the day.  

Sep 18 2017

The Earth’s mass is too low and the Moon’s mass is too big for the Earth to have a ring system. Even then most of the space junk isn’t in the right place. Now if we had some sort of Supervillan Banksy would would blow up just enough of the moon, you just might get your Earth ring.

May 12 2017

Destin’s first video on Prince Rupert’s Drop was 4 years ago, explaining exactly what you explained in the article. So when you say they “finally” know. They have known for a while. Also you should explain that why the drop in the GIF didn’t explode when you can clearly see the tail breaking. It’s because they used a

Jan 11 2017

I watched it an hour ago, and I bothered me so much I had to come back and check if anyone else had noticed this.

Dec 16 2016

The framing device sections are usually the least interesting part of the Assassin’s Creed games. I’d be totally okay if they just made it a series of strung-together stories about a bloodline of Assassins, rather than have to keep pulling out to tell me how bad corporations are every 45 minutes.

Nov 23 2016

We don’t have black friday nor thanksgiving, but we had El Buen Fin (probably can be translated in english as “the good weekend”) a few days ago...

Oct 25 2016

It’s very much like venison, so you’re looking for wines that pair well with gamey dark meat. That means medium to full bodied reds. Pinot noir, Cot/Malbec, Cotes du Rhone would all probably work.

Sep 25 2016

“Sound of Music 2: Electric Boogaloo”
I’d totally watch that! I’d watch that before any Sharknado movie. That’s for sure.

Now just watch, in not even a couple months time, some stupid remaking of the Sound Of Music will actually be announced.

Sep 5 2016

Of course Vin Diesel can pull this off. Here’s Morgan Freeman demonstrating the method that I’m hoping for. It almost makes hastening the helium shortage if it works out this way.

Aug 10 2016

I would love it if they tried to do a Doom Patrol series. I even have the entire concept laid out where they have to fight “weird crime.” But yeah, it would be so weird nobody would ever greenlight it.

Aug 10 2016

So you want a procedural mystery that also has very few special effects, can be done cheaply, but still has a pretty good hook and can grab you. You want something street level (like Daredevil), but not something that is just a copy of it.