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Wow, the comments on this story went bad in a hot second. Dear white people, maybe we need to chill the fuck out. Read more

The best thing to do is make a "Defying Gravity" joke and let it go. Read more

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Gravity defying bosoms always remind me of this immortal vaudeville line...

I wonder if we'll see how the "Freaky Leekies" react to his death. We haven't heard much from them since the character was introduced. Read more

My older brother is gay. School was always a torment. He had to switch schools in 5th grade in an attempt to get him away from his tormentors. I have always had immense empathy for him in that regard, kids were so awful that harassing him wasn't enough, those jerks also brought it to me whenever he wasn't nearby. Read more

And I thought the suburb of Atlanta where I lived was backwards...But Sandy Springs is full of rich peopel who complain about everything. Seriously, I'm sure if some elementary schooler sneezes on another kid, some parent will complain. "All new at 11, Sandy Springs preteen expels air and saliva on to another child". Read more

I am never, ever going to get over ADEL DAZEEM. Read more

Every single thing that went wrong tonight was because of Travolta's absurd and hideous toupee.

So glad once again that I moved from NYC to New Orleans. Life is essentially a bottomless brunch here. Read more

Yes, hello sir! Proper fedoras are very attractive when worn with a suit. Read more

You keep coming back because you love it. There's something sour under all the sweet, rotten and delicious, like flowers but with garbage under it. You can't fucking get enough of it. Read more

The amount of victim blaming in the comments speaks volumes about what's wrong with the industry and its player base. Read more

Damn it, Mischa!