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short version: if everybody on one team can communicate without fear of being harassed (and therefore without the need to mute voice comms or whatever), they’re probably going to be more coordinated than a team with one or more members who can’t just easily use chat. even beyond the harassment issue, if you’re looking Read more

10:51 AM

How many of these geniuses are going to come down with the COVID? This Spring Break picture was taken last week at Clearwater Beach, Florida, 3.8 miles from my house.

12:44 PM

For Amy Like Spiders, I never read this poem as Natsuki talking about Yuri cutting herself, but it was a metaphor about how other people treat Natsuki for liking Manga. People aren’t her friend because of that one thing she likes, and the part that sealed it for me was when she says it doesn’t matter if she likes Read more

2:12 PM

i actually know a decent amount about early renaissance art lmao what the hell is this neg

8:56 PM

As for the last poem, A Dream(warehouse), while I think it could be that it is related to the image linked, I thought that it might simply be referencing Sayori’s thoughts as she hung herself. “The ground was no longer beneath my feet. I stepped into a hole of indeterminate width”; “My vision was completely swallowed Read more

11:24 PM

Really well written and researched article.
Personally, I have tried both services and had good experiences with both. I had no connectivity issues with PSNow, and with Game Pass, you basically just download the games, so no issues there. I believe they are both pretty good services. And looking in the long run, Read more

1:51 PM

Don’t you love it when assholes threaten to sue for defamation of “character”, completely unaware that the discovery process will prove they are even more of an asshole than everyone originally thought?

1:34 PM

Don’t you hate it when you do a racism and then people are mean to you and you have to file a lawsuit due to the emotional stress brought on by the fallout of the racism you did? Sucks, man.

8:36 AM

Mizuki from Boys and Girls is by far the most underrated. She was an angel to all.

10:32 PM

You’ve got Tsubasa at the top and Cheri at the bottom, I approve this list.

4:52 PM

Hey man, I’m right there with you. On the other hand, it’s literally my job to make videos, and I am thus prohibited from giving away the entire hook of the video in the post :-O

9:27 PM

I should really replay P3 because I remember nothing that was described in this post beyond the names and appearances of Akihiko, Shinjiro, and Ken. I dont remember any of their backstories or who the heck Strega is.

8:53 AM

Definitely one of those powerful moments that sets Persona 3 apart from most JRPGs. I think this moment is far more powerful then things like Aerith’s death in Final Fantasy VII. Read more

12:01 PM

Their stories are pretty different, XII is a large-scale story of empires at war and how a few people can affect that while X is about a small group in a disaster-torn world and how they might be able to fix that. Both main characters are kinda mediocre but both have solid secondary characters. However, I’d Read more

4:20 AM

God this anime made be bawl. Both because I’m a sucker for a really good romantic tragedy, and because I’m a lover of classical music. The concert scenes were mesmerizing. I didn’t look into it at the time, but if I had bought the soundtrack and it didn’t have them, boy would I have been pished. Nice to know (via Read more

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Yuri’s beach poem is of her thought process.  Her thinking happens only in a sweet spot between endless freedom and reality.  A balance, perhaps.  There are two factors she denotes that would be less than desirable in her  position inside the Goldilocks Zone of her thinking, the arid reality, and the barren expanse of Read more