May 12

Dude I’ve been watching people like you comment this way since January. Not trying to stereotype here, but COVID deniers have gotten every single prediction and fact wrong for months now. Just wear the damn mask and step aside, please, while we fix this.

Mar 30

Oh, look, more “rules don’t apply to me” assholes! Behavior like this will totally not prolong the duration of this global catastrophe!

Mar 12

I wonder if SNL has a stash of Digital Shorts that they can broadcast.

Jan 7

I’m sure they’re very conformable and much less effort than walking. But they’re a little too much like the scooters from Wall-E, and I’m afraid their users would suffer the same fate as those on the Axiom if they’re widely adopted.

Dec 16

Season one amazing, Season 2... I still havent finished, still have the last ep to watch, I just can’t be bothered. It doesn’t sound like s3 is going to be any better than the trainwreck of s2

Dec 4

Someone I know bought their tiny child dog toys. They’re squishy, they often make random noises, and they’re not marked up because “for babies.”

Nov 9

So anyone know what Westworld will stream on?  I thought it was going to HBO Max, but Max doesn’t debut until May, and this article says Westworld is returning in early 2020.  May falls in the mid year range.

Aug 8 2019

Deutsche Auto Parts, Centerline International, Vick Autosport, and some abroad like Highwood Alfa and EB Spares.