Jul 26 2019

I was really disappointed in their reaction, too! I think it’s ok to say Franken could have rightly demanded an ethics investigation, but I feel like everyone is overlooking the fact that if 8 different people (eight!) even if one of them is kiiiiinda shady, reported this behavior about a coworker in an office, that Read more

Jul 26 2019

It’s amazing how this “just a hugger” culture applies different to men and women. Sure, they might hug men too, but somehow the kissing/groping/butt grabbing/massage parts are only for women. HOW COULD THIS BE?

Jul 17 2019

I don’t disagree that it is pretty much pure ridiculous spectacle but...why is that bad? Is Cats my Michael Bay movie?

Mar 14 2019

This is a fair take to me. I can empathize with her being caught up in this, especially when she’s clearly only in college to please her parents in the first place, but I honestly think she’s going to end up fine regardless of this. She’s still young and rich and attractive and her chosen career isn’t one that even Read more

Mar 14 2019

But less likeable! At least Alexis was willing to take a job as a receptionist, get her high school diploma and start community college!

Mar 5 2019

Am I the only one who opened this assuming this brand was faltering because well, Kate Middleton wears a lot of boring-ass clothes and most people wouldn’t pay $300 for completely unremarkable shoes that look indistinguishable from something that came from DSW (or whatever the British equivalent is)?

Feb 28 2019

Booker doesn’t drink at all and apparently never has, so I’ll give him a pass. Expecting him to know what’s in a margarita is like expecting me to know what a batting average means.

Dec 6 2018

Insurance generally covers doctor’s office visits and outpatient procedures as well as hospital stays and prescription drugs. The ACA required plans to cover certain things without a copay, like preventantive physicals, which is nice. It’s definitely not something we’re generally informed about before accepting a new Read more

Nov 6 2018

Amen. Texpat here and this was just never supposed to be even close. Beto wasn’t supposed to be A Thing. The fact that he has a chance in hell in Texas is amazing and wonderful to me and I know close races aren’t the same as wins, but it’s a huge shift that can have major payoff down the road if people keep paying Read more

Oct 1 2018

As much as I want the FBI to investigate thoroughly, I truly believe that even if a videotape of Kavanaugh assaulting Ford that depicted it exactly as she claimed it happened, that he would still be confirmed. The GOP and their talking head surrogates have been using the “even if it were true (which it isn’t), it Read more

Sep 26 2018

1) Yes, misogyny. Also 2) I think many of them are indifferent as to whether the allegations are true or not, but they just want to ram Kava-NAH through in case they lose the Senate in the midterms. 

Sep 26 2018

This. Also like, I’m vain af but I feel like if I were in her position and coming forward about this vile shit and knowing that I would inevitably be tormented for it, I would at least want control over ONE THING and put out a nice looking photo.

Sep 14 2018

Given the current state of the GOP I don’t think this will impact his confirmation at all, sadly. I do have some questions about the timing of this--if Feinstein did have this letter back in July, why is it only released now? But also, how did team Kavanaugh just conveniently have 60 women who knew him in HS lined up Read more

Aug 23 2018

It’s so true. I avoid actually watching or listening to him because it’s just too insane. Even reading transcripts is bonkers, but I just can’t stand his voice/face/physical presence.

Aug 15 2018

I have actually more than once thought about buying a pair of character shoes for non-dance/theater use, but I assume they would just wear out super fast.

Aug 10 2018

Best rosé in the world seems hyperbolic but I can’t lie, Miraval is pretty damn good. My only concern in this whole Brangelina split saga has been making sure the wine isn’t compromised in any way.

Aug 9 2018

I so want this to be the reason. Not that I expect espeically ethical behavior from Goldman Sachs or any other corporate employer necessarily, but if being part of the criminal organization otherwise known as the Trump administration is a stain on one’s resume, I’m super into it. NONE of the various grifters and Read more