Jun 26

New to Erik? His ass has been making terrible takes out of good takes for as long as he has been at Jalopnik. Read more

Jun 24

Except it literally was the pull handle. That’s not even remotely in debate here. That rope exists and serves a function whether it’s tied in a loop or not.
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Jun 10

I don’t disagree that class is an issue. I don’t disagree that there are no perfect victims. I don’t even disagree that she has lived a hard and sad life. Read more

Jun 9

Here is my impression of the workers after Elon explains how the line should be running:

Jun 9

WHO morning meeting: “So, which of our prior statements are we going to contradict first today?”

May 22

No one knows anything about MyCorona other than it probably is more prevalent and less deadly that is being portrayed. 

May 18

We’re running out of ways to judge how strangers spend their money. :(

May 7

1st Gear: VW doesn’t lose money in America because of America. They did that shit to themselves. It started way before dieselgate too. Look back at your own archives and you’ll see bemoaning about VW cutting corners on the Jetta and Passats to bring them downmarket to sell more. They went from a mid premium brand to Read more

May 6

Maybe get input first from countries that rely on these cruises to fund their tourism industries and jobs before we decide to devastate their economies. Oh, they also get the final vote.

May 5

It makes sense when you think about it. Never in history has one type of vehicle fit every possible “want”. Want a family vehicle? check. Want a work vehicle? check. Want grocery getter? check, with a whole lotta groceries! Want something that can be stylized however you want? check Want something that still looks Read more

Apr 21

There’s basic costs to transporting oil to a refinery, operating the refinery, transporting gas to the gas station, and operating a gas station. That exists regardless of the price of oil. And those exist in 2020 dollars. 

Apr 20

But are oil producers issuing futures contracts for May WTI Sweet the day before the price strikes? Oil producers were out from under these oil contracts a long time ago. It doesn’t portend well for sales today on futures contracts down the line, but the folks (maybe literally) taking a bath on May contracts are the Read more

Mar 18

Your math is fucking bananas. As of Monday there had been 80,800 cases of Coronavirus in China; there are 1,386,000,000 people in China which gives you an infection rate of .005%. That would mean America will have 16,350 cases TOTAL! In Hubei, the province worst hit by Coronavirus there are 58,500,000 people of which Read more

Mar 18

They’re parked on the lot right next to the $35k Tesla Model 3s.

Mar 17

What’s more, from 2010 to 2019, U.S. airlines spent 96% of their free cash flow, some $45 billion, to purchase shares of their own stock Read more

Mar 4

The flaw of youth is passion without responsibility.