Oct 21

Add a shitload of extra weight to a minivan and you’re putting a lot of extra stress on the drivetrain that it wasn’t  intended to handle. 

Oct 21

I don’t think you understand the purpose of this vehicle. It is to showcase future technology that will make its way into less expensive mass-market vehicles, as well as to create more public interest in EVs. 

Oct 21

He has some bull shit vendetta that he thinks other people want to be constantly reminded about.
Fact is, GM is killing it. They have some of the best selling CUVs in every class, the Corvette is a weapon, their trucks are killing it, their SUVs are king, the Hummer debut knocked it out of the park, their future EV Read more

Oct 20

I agree with everything you said, except that flying is no more dangerous than going shopping. It sounds like there is good science that says its significantly safer than going shopping due to the rapid circulation of air. Read more

Oct 20

If you are going to be out in public the best way to avoid catching COVID is to have 10,000 of your closest friends with you protesting for a good cause. In these instances the COVID knows to stay away and there will be no new infections despite many of the people wearing their masks as chin diapers. Read more

Oct 20

I mean, even if the IATA’s take on the study is wrong, I see nothing in this article which says the original study by United and the DOD was flawed in any way, which means they are likely correct in the high safely of airplanes due to extremely high air circulation. Just because the data as far as how many people are Read more

Oct 9

I understand, dude! I have a bunch. It’s the exhaust port at issue. They are not deemed acceptable on any airline that I’ve looked at. Hell, even Allegiant says no to them.

Oct 6

Yeah, it’s really no different in concept than all the McLarens, Ferraris, etc. that never see a track. Read more

Sep 30

The current theory is that Trump deliberately turned last night into a shitshow (all credit to Dana Bash) in order to turn off potential voters. If the whole thing turns into a grotesque mudwrestling match, the reasoning goes, people might just tune out entirely and give up on voting out our fascist president. Read more

Sep 28

Other than you not liking him for whatever “drama” he may or may not be responsible for, do you have a single piece of evidence to suggest these claims are fraudulent? Read more

Sep 25

Rebuild it how? Based on whose government? Whose constitution? How do you know that tyrants of either side wouldn’t take power like they always do? The French and Russian Revolutions went after the nobility first, then the intellectuals, and then the disenfranchised and vulnerable. The US pulled off a hell of a magic Read more

Sep 18

A better guide than “buy American” for consumers who give a shit is “buy union,” though sadly that confines you to the Big Three. “

Give a shit about what? Do you even read this stuff?
So, let’s do some logic through unpacking your statement:
1. If I give a shit (about what, we are still undetermined), I have to Read more