Jun 9

Southern guy with roots dating back there to the 1700's and with ancestors who fought for the confederacy. Time for the fucking flag to go. Nobody in my family flew it or displayed it. Growing up it was always the most racist pieces of shit who had those things. The people displaying them now have absolutely zero clue Read more

May 6

What I actually meant was, Congrats Rory! Very much looking forward seeing the direction you take the site. ;)
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May 6

Welcome. My advice to you is to keep me writing freelance racing stories and car reviews. That way the site won’t suck. IMHO

May 6

I talked to Rory on the phone for an hour two weeks ago. I told him about all of you. He knows your SSN, mother’s maiden name, town you were born in, your SO’s favorite ice cream. Do not fuck with him. Read more

Jul 22 2019

Hoping for STPR, if my wallet will allow it

Sep 8 2016

I’ve also learned the hard way that soldering is not a good solution in high-vibration automotive applications (read: race cars). The problem is not the solder joint itself - that holds just fine. It’s that it creates a stress point in the wire where the solder stopped wicking up the wire, which is where it breaks. Read more

Sep 8 2016

That’s one of the ugliest splices I’ve ever seen. Might as well just use some crimping connectors if you wanna half-ass it. Here’s the right way to splice:

Sep 8 2016

I don’t think soldering is the right way to do things in automotive modifications and repair. I make wiring repairs to vehicles every day and modify my own cars and my friends stuff outside of work and I literally have never soldered any connections on a car. I only use quality (not the plastic covered autozone ones) Read more

Aug 25 2016

It’s a Nissan Hardbody with extra seats and a permanent camper shell. It’ll run forever and if you can bang two rocks together you can fix it. Solid choice

Aug 24 2016

That toaster has been setting top 5 stage times at national championship events, just sayin.

May 27 2016

Is it just me or is Lyn St. James a very “90s Porn Star” name?

May 26 2015

I’m sorry, but you’re full of it. Full disclosure: I own a F355 and am an independent exotic mechanic with decades of experience. Read more