May 9 2016

The 2017 Honda Ridgeline. For adults that have grown up past having to make a statement.

Apr 29 2016

Because Americans are stupid and don’t buy we don’t get any wagons.

Apr 28 2016

If that is the definition of tailgating, everyone is always tailgating all the time.

Apr 28 2016

He was able to stop with several feet to spare in a situation where coming to a complete stop was entirely unexpected. That’s why it’s not tailgating.

Apr 23 2016

I don't like the comments I'm reading on here. Yea they ran from the cops, but basically saying because they ran from the cops they deserved to die is just as wrong as them running from the cops. They may have been bad apples but they still should have survived to be held accountable for their actions.

Apr 5 2016

There’s nothing wrong with people not wanting to buy cars based on transmissions. Anyone can see that you’re passionate about these, but this position is really hard to defend.

Apr 5 2016

My *wife* will not accept an automatic equipped car, and neither should anyone else who gives fuck one about actually driving. Read more

Mar 22 2016

my time to shine!!! I worked for *INSERT OEM HERE* as a release engineer for weatherstrips, and DLO’s those chrome strips around the windows are not so easy to change color, they aren’t like a bumper, or insert on the side of the car. they are almost always stainless steel or aluminum usually stretch-bent or stamped. Read more

Mar 21 2016

This is the first plane to use the Air Force One callsign, not the first presidential aircraft.

Mar 21 2016

There comes a point in time when a car is just not worth fixing anymore.

Jan 29 2016

This is a very flawed argument, the basis of which is “it’s worth rolling the dice on Iran’s reaction in order to make a point.” By your same logic, when two of our boats entered Iranian waters then Iran should have sank them both. “Because one of these days it will be a hostile action. And [Iran] won’t be ready for Read more

Jan 29 2016

They do seem to oddly take offense when we park a massive war machine right off their shores while our political leadership encourages a near continuous level of hate and aggression against them among our own populous. I just cannot work it out at all.
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