PJ Smith
Sep 24 2014

You missed the link to a "thorough breakdown of image quality comparisons here." I'd love to see them! Bring forth the Hesh!

Jun 27 2014

That's East Rock Park in New Haven, CT. It's about 350 ft higher than the city, and it represents the original elevation of the area before the Wisconsin glacier came on through and made Long Island Sound. I think that's the same sort of bedrock.

Jun 4 2014

Swift was developed at Cornell a few years back. You can read about it here

May 21 2014

This is just a general question, and it's hardly specific to biking, but what do you think the best way to overcome early childhood bicycle trauma is? My girlfriend ended up under a car when she was six and won't even entertain the idea of biking with me in the city, and life would be so much cooler if we could avoid Read more

May 12 2014

If the in-car decision system does not rank the persons in the car and drivers around it, and makes cold, objective decisions, I'd say yes, this is absolutely ethical and makes all the sense in the world. Read more

May 8 2014

I can only imagine the Wi Fi prompting you like a cab's advertisements.

May 7 2014

One nameless Gizmodo employee told me its illegal for a New York City police officer to pursue a riding cyclist in a car. True or FAKE?

May 5 2014

Thank you for collecting it! We've been searching around for a little while today trying to find out where this data is sourced from - is it historical or "near-real-time," as your team's published on before. Also, I'm sure our readers would be excited to learn about what your team is planning for the future. Are Read more

Apr 28 2014

Its aesthetics are phenomenal, but early works just seem so awful to work and be inside without integrating modern windows and ventilation - case and point here. Gorgeously sculpted, an utterly dark nightmare to work in.