Aug 9

Damn. I thought you were going to bag on the interiors, which are also brutally ugly. I think part of why the tiny house movement has gained popularity is that the interiors are often a serious improvement upon the standard RV. My husband and I are seriously considering a tiny house in our retirement years. I’m not Read more

Feb 14 2019

I don’t know, seems to me like they’re absolutely ready to turn this thing into a G-wagen type “baller” machine, which will undoubtedly work. Read more

Feb 14 2019

i think high-tech is the opposite of what people want in the Defender

Jan 22 2018

fuck everything about this stupidity. Buy nice coffee, skip big luxuries. You’ll be happier. Same goes for Beer, TP, and razors. Spend a few extra bucks a month to buy the good stuff, and skip out on the fancy car that costs a boatload to repair, or the spendy jacket, or the fancier phone. You’ll be a VASTLY happier Read more