Prahlad Dhokia

did she come with the chevy? :) Read more

The Becker JetVan is a $400,000 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter built to make you feel like you're on a private jet. Just look at the damn thing - and this is only one of dozens of interior schemes and sizes. Read more

The Fiat Barchetta! Now I know this isn't a "sports car" as such but it is front wheel drive roadster, which is pretty similar, and its epic.

Although the 914 looks terrible, it sounds wonderful and I don't think its possible to get bored of that noise! However, the 328 is the one I'd have. It still looks great. Read more

I bet he feels like a bell end now... Read more

So I suppose this is more of an Impreza concept than anything else. It looks really aggressive (as an Impreza should) and those rear diffusers look epic. Still, I think it's a little OTT and has nothing on the first gen Impreza 22B. However if this does go into production, it will be judged by its performance in the Read more