Sep 28
How cool is this?

Just redownloaded Horizon Chase after looking up the FP article about cartoonish racing games, and my hometown is in

Sep 26
G'night Oppo

Not on my end though, it’s my third 24 hour ER shift in a row and I’ll be doing another 48 hours till Tuesday

Aug 27
Mornin' Oppo

Today’s Thursday, which means putting some hours in the ER. 24h to be more precise. Still, it’s a good day because

Aug 18
Mornin' Oppo

24 hour ER shifts means I only have to work two days a week, and today’s not one of them :) Have a sweet red Chevy

Jul 23 2017
Heading to the Big US of A

Some of you probably know I’ve been wanting to visit the US since pretty much forever, and now I’ll finally get to

Jun 4 2016
Alex Rossi in F1 2013

I remember seeing this guy on the Young Drivers’ Test and wondering way back then if it was the actual driver, or

Jun 2 2016
So this happened...

A local news team was filming a report on the crime wave that’s taken over my town, when they actually happened to

May 1 2016

That is, I need a good site to stream the race... For some reason, I don’t catch fucking Globo anymore, and it’s the

Apr 17 2016

The Brazilian government has just/is about to collapse. Civil war anyone?