Sep 19

Did you even read the article? That point was addressed multiple times. 

Sep 4

I will tell you what happened. From Bugalaga airstrip you should have plotted a 126 degrees course to the mine, east-south-east.

Aug 29

There was no coincidence or mistake, the game’s plot is clearly ripped from the headlines. “Violent anarchists” co-opting a revolutionary movement is more right wing nonsense. Any chance you guys can do an article looking into the recent wave of fascist games? Call of Duty and Tom Clancy were always right wing Read more

Aug 14

Except only a small handful of people will remember Apple used the commercial, but a large majority know what 1984 was. It’s stupid on Epic Games part when we have such serious issues going on with our socio-political atmosphere to try to frame their contract-breaking fight-picking as some kind of ideological battle. Read more

Jul 30

Man I love The Decemberists. My wife on the other hand, not so much lol. She is convinced that every single on of their songs is about drowning and...I mean, she isn’t too far off. 

Jul 20

If they’re really that upset about people accusing them of war crimes, perhaps they could consider not doing war crimes.

Jul 17

This guy was arguing the other day that if women don’t want to be raped they shouldn’t get drunk ever

Jul 17

You don’t think maybe there’s a problem with a term that has serious spiritual and cultural connotations for a historically oppressed people being used flippantly by white people to describe, for example, pizza? (I’ve seen people say “pizza is my spirit animal” in case you’re going to suggest that never happens.)

Jul 14

They should have renamed it: War Criminal

Jul 8

I’m not even on board with Stranger Things being “good”, but it’s fine. I will say it’s a damn sight better than Ready Player One because, as I think you are getting at in your comment, most of itsclever” references are allusive rather than just being explicitly “(jabs elbow) eh? eh? remember this?! recognize this?!” Read more

Jul 8

But just like the 1980s, Ready Player One feels like a relic of another time. When the story of a white male nerd who saves the universe with pop culture references, accompanied by some trope sidekicks, wasn’t indicative of the larger systemic problem of racism and sexism in nerd culture. Read more

Jul 8

Ready Player One is a very bad book and Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One is an even worse movie.

Jun 19

Forcing you to kill the dog and than telling you something along the lines that you suck for doing this, is not good writing.

Jun 12

I have always found the near unanimous love for the first one kind of...baffling? Read more

Jun 1

Good on you for posting this knowing well there will be lots of people screeching about “I come to Kotaku for games journalism, not social justice”.  Everyone needs to pay attention, all ages, all races, all religions.  Only when people are paying attention will they actually comprehend what is going on around them.

May 21

I absolutely hate zoomed and cropped. It looks completely awful and jaggy, the subject isn’t framed right, foreheads are cut off... How can you NOT be bothered by it. I find zoomed and dropped totally unwatchable.

May 15

Is this photo from the wax museum

May 13

 And that's why you always bring a Donna along to slap some sense into you when necessary.