Modding has a long tradition of being free. Mainly because it’s typically derivative work that can be legally distributed only with the permission of the owners of the actual game. Because of this, modders who try to charge for their work tend to get huge blowback (and, in some cases get themselves a nice cease and Read more

Good luck with that kind of plea for reasonable behavior here! Gotta shill for all the garbage, not just the Jebus chicken bigots. Read more

So tired of most screenshots being of the author’s avatar that always looks the same in every game. Let’s see some screenshots of stuff in the game world that’s the same for everyone, rather than narcissistic recreation of the author. Read more

AI voices are getting very good and they’re definitely good enough for side characters. It’s only a matter of time, probably a few years max, before AI voices are indistinguishable enough to use for main characters without anyone even knowing. AI is the future and companies can save a ton of money by having a computer Read more

It might not be able to do large full roles yet but I would say it could at least be done in minor roles of NPCs and a large portion of the general filler voices that only have a handful of lines. But it’s also probably not far away from being more advanced. Especially since every production company on the planet is Read more

Grant Gustin is the one that would have made the most sense. I know he might not be that known to general cinema audiences, but definitely more so than the fact that Nick Cage was nearly Superman and would have fought a giant spider. Gustin played Barry for a decade and it would have been a nice counterpoint to Read more

Why did I think Aquaman 2 already released? Read more

I’m not a vegan, but I’ve been one. It didn’t stick because it was hard and excessive to a point in expense and effort that I’m not willing to deal with. I’ve been a vegetarian for nearly 3 decades, though, and the reason why I am one is pretty simple: I don’t want to kill a creature to eat because I don’t have to Read more

I thought this was going to be a serious (or at least semi-serious) article about Dominion and just ended up disappointed. Read more

Not to pick nits, but the headline says “taste better than ice cream”, and then you compare the products based on how close they come to tasting like ice cream. Read more

They still have to bring back the deli mustard, the combo slice, and god-willing the polish dog. Read more

Good for the drivers (if Lyft & Uber are bluffing), but that’s a really shitty headline. It’s millions of $$, not 51 cents. Read more

I can’t disagree with this ranking.  Though I’d probably put Birds of Prey a little higher.  Probably the most fun I’ve had with a modern DC movie apart from Shazam! Read more

Mine would be similar, except I’d sen Man of steel below Aquaman, would bump up Aquaman to good movie (but keep it after Shazam 2), and I Read more

The Flash was surprisingly one of my favorite DCEU movies. I have specific problems with it, most definitely, but the hate surprises and disappoints me. It’s the first and only movie of that cinematic universe that made me feel like it was an actual cinematic universe that I’ll miss.

But I will confess that I am Read more

Their distributor may have changed since I worked there 2 decades ago, but the tuna we had was from Starkist. That being said, I’m surprised she even found a piece of tuna to send to a dna lab as the recipe for tuna salad was 2 bags of mayonnaise to 1 bag of tuna, which was about 4:1 by weight if memory serves. Read more

Is there any sort of legal requirement for journalists (Or Gizmodo, lol) to call Twitter by its new and completely dumb name? I mean, if say The New York Times just continues to call it Twitter, can they be sued or otherwise harassed with Cease and Desist letters? Read more

Here, this is for you  Read more

The first one remains the single biggest anti-conspiracy point in my book. Too many people need to be involved at too many levels around the entire world. Read more