Sep 4

Being a trained dancer certainly gives you an advantage, but the audience often votes for whoever they like the most, regardless of how they performed. That’s why like, Mýa, who is an amazing dancer, lost to Donny Osmond, who is not. And Mario Lopez, who has a dance background, lost to Emmitt Smith.

Jan 10 2020

“We all know that traditionally males generally have bigger hearts, bigger upper body strength, and that can give them a genetic advantage when competing against women in a number of sports,” Tennessee’s Griffey told a local news station. Read more

Aug 20 2019

This is shallow of me but, as a balding individual myself, I am very curious as to what Harry plans to do about his receding hairline. He will be beautiful no matter what! But if I was rich and famous I’d probably be calling Matthew McConaughey for advice.

Jul 30 2019

I fucking knew that Sonja wouldn’t know any of the words

Jun 29 2019

it’s probably due to all of the music used in the show.

Jun 13 2019

I bet Paula breaks into Rich’s apartment tonight to dance-capitate him with a fedora...

May 26 2019

Bale was deathly scrawny but was able to beef up in just a few months. I’m sure Pattinson will be fine.