I’m not even so sure about Croatia.. Read more

It’s incredible that we(the UK) produce this stuff yet medicinal cannabis products in pretty much any shape or form are still illegal. Read more

I hate to be that guy but I think it’s closer to 115db at highway speeds. But yeah, you’re spot on as to the reason why bikers use earplugs. Read more

What! Our roads are awful! The roads in my neck of the woods(north east England) are absolutely shocking. On the plus side I have gained an incredibly smooth throttle hand on my bike trying to stop the bars from shaking going over constant bumps on most roads. Read more

I don’t know if there is a hidden layer of sarcasm to this post but if there isn’t you’ll be interested to know that is Donald Glover. Read more

This show feels like it came out 20 years ago and I can’t quite put my finger on why. Read more

I quite often see this done in the UK and I do it for from time to time when I’m on my motorbike, if I can ever find the hazard button on my bars quick enough. Read more

Came here to post about Carpool. I’d always assumed Seinfeld had aquired the format from Robert Llewellyn. Read more

Not the same model but my first experience of a fast all wheel drive car was sat in the passenger seat of my friends’ Evo II. Prior to that I hadn’t no idea how bloody quickly a car could make it through a corner. Loads of fun. Read more

I was just about to post ‘Looks a lot like a 90's concept car’. Read more

Being a Brit the first time I was ever made aware of the ‘Dance was through the podcast Uhh Yeah Dude. Strange seeing one that isn’t covered in rust, unlike the ride owned by the shows host, Seth. Read more

The soundtrack is absolutely glorious. Read more

Hearing The Holy Steady after seeing Jamie lose his hand out a huge smile on my face. Read more

Reggie should be a politician. He’s an expert at non answers and avoiding questions Read more