I snort-laughed so loudly at this that it startled my fiance and woke my dog... but this is so fucking spot on. I then had to explain to my fiance why this comment was perfect. Not having much experience with mean girls, he wasn’t aware of their ability to describe random, completely non-noteworthy things about Read more

I think you actually just pointed out the flaw in so many people’s thinking when it comes to opposing abortion access for women. Read more

Yes, his disability affects his balance, not his decision making. The only point of this was to try and gain some sympathy. Read more

Yes. Copper taffeta dress. Pewter heels. And I’m seeing long gold chain earrings. Loooong ones.
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just wanna make sure we get “bye” in there in as many different languages as possible, in honor of iggy’s cultural awareness.

Fuck the NRA and the leash they have on republicans in congress. This shit CAN be prevented, but we can’t even pass a law restricting people on the No Fly list from getting fucking guns. Just, fuck it all. Read more

See, this is why I just assume that everyone I’m talking to online is gorgeous. Y’all ARE! Read more

I dunno. For all her manipulations, Rachel is a very unhappy person. I can’t think of any TV character I would want to emulate less for all the success it brings her. Don’t get me wrong, I love that show. It’s a fascinating study of the success derived by manipulation. But what seems to drive Rachel and makes her so Read more

Wow I didn’t think I’d ever smile at anything related to this but your post was so cute that it happened. Read more

As if he would waste his time actually reading it! Read more

Hello! Hope to see you around more, or at the weekly Saturday Night Social <3 Read more

Welcome, new friend!

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I also lurked for at least a month before commenting. Shy five! Read more

I feel honored, not gonna lie.

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