Dec 4

Actually cutting open a ship to replace a main engine is SOP. IIRC the US Navy Arleight Burke class destroyers main gas turbine engines are modular in nature to quicken replacement but still require cutting the hull open. Its the nature of the beast with a warship wanting to have survivability likely place above ease Read more

Jul 14

Two Door Base with Squatch package. Will wait a couple years for the recalls to pass and rebates to kick in...

Mar 16 2020

100 shot via push button. No window or WOT switch. They’re lucky they didn’t blow the intake welds off the thing. All in the name of being “first”.

Mar 11 2020

I’d take President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho over Trump any day.

Mar 9 2020

Always wanted to know what became of the SHO swapped Topaz. The SHOpaz!

Feb 12 2020

I have a fascination with #vanlife, full time RVing, overlanding, ect ect. and one common denominator I’ve noticed is how damn much money people ask for stuff like this. Considering how little it would cost to buy a clean Econoline and retrofit it with a few amenities, it makes me wonder if there’s any money ready to Read more

Feb 5 2020

I live in Portland but I was raised in the midwest, and all I know is that my super cheesy dishes always completely bury all the veggie-and-hummus platters at the office potlucks. :) “What did Hester bring this time? Does it have bacon in it?”

Feb 4 2020

The first photo shows a 4 lug set up. Looks like Ford steel wheels too. The grease cap would indicate the stock front suspension. Hard to tell for sure with the photo resolution and lighting as it is, but I don’t think this was a V8 car, but rather an inline six car. I have my doubts how much of the Z car suspension Read more

Jan 28 2020

Cut — or negotiate — the price down by a third to about $2K and it’s a fer-sure Nice Price for a DD appliance. At $3K and that mileage, you’re likely going to need that thousand bucks you saved for some repairs/replacement items. Read more