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What I love about conversations about kids is how all the snowflakes of the world are so fucking injured and butthurt every time a kid is around. Jesus Christ people. YOU NEED REAL PROBLEMS.
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I get this isn’t a glamorous job, but is it really necessary to shit on this guy for working?
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I’m so pissed that I have to comment again. Read more

Oh FFS. You already got people whining at you. There is an epidemic of violence against women either directly or indirectly caused by men, but we can’t even call attention to that cause it might hurt some innocent man’s feelings. Their feelings > our lives, and I’m done with that. Read more

To me it reads like she was trying to make an argument based in intersectional feminism but misunderstood/misrepresented what intersectionality means. It’s intended to reflect the complexities of how oppression and privilege play out within various women’s lives, not divide women up into demographic groups and Read more

Yeah, I'm a little tired of the sort of victim-blamey responses from feminists whenever women (particularly women who have any type of privilege, like wealth) criticize things like slut-shaming, body-shaming, victim-blaming, etc.
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Some people are just true psychopaths who get off on the idea of deceiving and hurting others. They are literally incapable of feeling empathy, shame, or remorse. It doesn’t make sense to normal human beings because normal human beings don’t look at the world the way psychopaths do - in their heads, everyone but them Read more

Aniston refuses to answer question: She’s “defensive.” Read more

Damn. I have been with y’all for a long time, reading and loving your articles. And then every now and then you have to drop some mess like this to remind me we aren’t really on the same team. Read more

Forgive me if I missed something, but part of her statement about being made to feel or seem “less than” was the contents of her uterus. The fact that she has no children, by design or fate, and the apparent desire to view her as “poor Jen” because of her childless state is something that hits home for some of us. The Read more

You’re exactly right. I’m Hispanic and I have never thought, well what about brown lives. Because I know that the issues affecting black people inherently are the same issues affecting all people of color. And I know that I’m seen as brown. Period. So calling for an acknowledgment of black lives also requires and Read more

JA hasn’t struggled about finding a designer dress but she has struggled with years of tabloids speculating about the status of her uterus and mocking her for being the “loser” in that whole “lover’s triangle” she found herself in when her hubby kicked her to the curb publicly for his co-star. Read more

That’s because all other groups expect black (American) people to do the hard lifting for them. As soon as the term black lives matter came up, I've heard other communities of colour complaining that it's not inclusive. Well sweet thing, when was the last time the Chinese community stood up for the black community? Read more

While women are oppressed differently—depending on the color of skin, money made, conventional attractiveness, gender identification, age—they are all oppressed.
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I hadn’t read J.A.’s post. I’d heard about it, but hadn’t gotten around to it. I checked it out through this post because I though that reading it would help me better understand some of the points I thought were being made. Read more

Exactly. Regardless of how you feel about Kim or Jen, what is this sudden gladiatorial combat bullshit? Why are two women leading completely separate lives suddenly expected to throw down some kind of FIGHT ME FOR HOTNESS gauntlet? Read more

Yes, I guess that’s what the essay is getting at? That because JA is thin, White, and conventionally attractive she needs to “take a seat” and stop complainingabout how these standards of beauty are oppressive because she has essentially become one of the standards of beauty other women are held to. Read more

Hmmm.... I’m thinking that I’m in disagreement with the thesis of this article. Empathy isn’t a finite, limited resource that we have to ration out in a triaged manner. Read more

I could be wrong, but her primary complaint didn’t seem to be about beauty standards only, but how everyone is waiting for her to be pregnant so she can be a complete woman or something. This wasn’t about decades of pictures of her without make-up, or having cellulite, this was about her having a baby and how it’s a Read more

Another high school mean girl, soon will be whining that people are being mean to her. Read more