Paco Deth
Jul 4

What I’d really like to know, is how much it costs?  Let’s say you are looking to import a 25+ year car from Europe.  What would I expect to pay for both whatever BS paperwork the two governments might need, and shipping?

Jun 17

was gonna say, with all these little known young artists dying lately, and the picture of the girl in the headline.  I thought some low key musician that went by Bose AR died.

Jun 4

Retired/Decommissioned Ambulance. You can get them dirt cheap ($2,000 - $7,500) in good condition, with fairly low miles for their long life Diesel engines. And they will come with tons of storage compartments built in, and maybe even AC outlets, spare batteries, and all kinds of amenities you would normally have to

May 18

It’s not particularly easy, since pretty much every damn part on it is unique to it. Since I bought it, it blew a head gasket so I bought a donor SVX for cheap and swapped engines. replaced a few alternators, rebuilt power steering pump, swapped out springs (which only exist because some guy makes them in his spare Read more

May 16

I had this two car, 12ft high at it’s lowest point garage put up in my backyard. Took me a bit to save up the funds for a lift, but a handful of months ago, added a 4-post lift to make working on my cars much easier and safer. Yes I know, a 2 post lift is more versatile, but I’ve never really used one, and felt alot

Apr 25

I want a Duallie RWD Sports Car, but with the tires properly tucked in under the rear of the car and not sticking out:

Mar 27

I’ll take your Cuomo and raise you a infinitely more awesome Andy Beshear:

Mar 25

Voted NP, even tho I woulda been infinitely more impressed if they slapped a AMC Javelin body on it.

Mar 9

Wow... Wow.. not Max von Sydow of Conan the Barbarian? Such disrespect.

Mar 6

Had a nice yellow and black 73 Mach 1 a handful of years ago. Loved it, great lil car, but the frame rust got the best of me, and I was in no position to afford to have it fixed, or learn to weld myself. Miss it all the time:

Feb 27

Wuhan, Chain: Results of having to wear protective masks for extended periods of time:

Feb 13

Imagine the roles were reversed, and it was Rebel Wilson being interviewed and a good looking guy doing the interview.  No one would bat an eye, and if anything they’d be championing her for being bold and strong.

Jan 22

As soon as I saw the title pic, I couldn’t help but feel like it could have been a modern day Subaru SVX.

Jan 17

Alright. Who at Nissan has been on Jalopnik here and seen my consistent posting of quickly photoshopped 370z’s with 240z/300zx headlights/taillights. They look SOOOOO much better than the angular shit that’s on the current 370z.

240z Headlights:

Dec 10

You’re killing me with Pursa (I’m guessing autocorrect) when it’s Prusa.  For me though it was the Printrbot Simple Metal that seemed to be the first affordable consumer 3D Printer.

Nov 14

So if the cube was made out of regular 3D Printed PLA or ABS plastic, what was the projector made out of, and what was it’s shape? Also, were the cubes affixed to a solid surface or not?

They mention it was blasted with a projectile, and at speeds of some firearm bullets, but was the projectile a metal, and was it Read more

Nov 6

He was also running against a sack of shit human being and very hated Matt Bevin that once said that because teachers went on strike for one day that kids were getting raped in their homes because they weren't at school.