Aug 10

Sorry. I am getting weird lag and I meant to reply to my self, not you, about the racist trumpturd I flagged and dismissed. I don’t think you are a racist trumpturd. Read more

Jun 22

Died-in-the-wool, arch-conservative Republicans dont need to be racist to exist. Sometimes those folks let the party that the Bible represents be their compass as to who to vote for but just the thought that “all THOSE” people are racist...is exactly the PREjudice that we are trying to absolve. Judge people for their Read more

Jun 22

Whelp, now I feel good about Baki beating the shit outta Ali Jr. I gotta go back and watch that again. At first, I was salty about how they portrayed Ali Jr. Now, I want Baki to beat his ass again after AJ grow some balls.

Mar 14

You’d have to stand A LOT further away if the analogy is going to be to scale... If the colliding bullets sit at what is currently the center of the sun, you probably couldn’t even be standing inside our own solar system with the microphone... I can’t be bothered doing the exact maths. :P Read more

Mar 4

On the other hand, if someone kills 116 persons here in Brazil, the max jail time still is 30 years.

Feb 26

I worked at a primary school where we had to call the cops on a 12-year old. He had severe behavioural issues due to over-indulgent parenting, and a history of rampaging through the classroom smashing up anything he could get his hands on (including people). His parents had indignantly refused all behaviour mod Read more

Feb 25

Employees at the Lucious & Emma Nixon Academy expressed concern to Officer Turner after Kaia was marshaled into the car.