1/23/20 2:42PM

Oh yeah, it’s not good. Even worse, it looks like it should be good, but once you bite into it the disappointment comes flooding back. Read more

1/23/20 11:04AM

Pannettone by itself is just glorified fruit bread, but we have a Christmas tradition of making French Toast with it and man is it delicious that way. )(Cointreau, Orange Juice, eggs, etc.)

1/17/20 10:10AM

Luigi’s Mansions 3: Loving two things about this game. One is the creative way that it employs the front-only perspective. Luigi can see in all three dimensions but the player’s POV cannot, forcing one to use other visual cues like mirrors and the like to find certain hidden areas. The other thing is how viscerally Read more

12/13/19 5:25PM

I don’t think any food, edible or otherwise, better sums up 2010-2019 than Marshmallow Peep Chili a la Chidi Anagonye.

12/10/19 11:15AM

I don’t eat out often and I do actually tip I just hate having to. Seriously just add it to the cost of the food. Its a dumb system right now that literally revolves around an owner not paying a worker a decent wage so they can in turn essentially beg for that money from the consumer.  Its stupid.  

12/09/19 7:42PM

It’s be really cool to play Vanquish off-TV. Maybe switch things up and play it on a handheld with removable controllers...

12/05/19 5:22PM

It’s nice in Disco Elysium how the very first thing you have to do is convince your character to even bother waking up - as both his animal hindbrain and limbic system try to convince him to just stay asleep forever. You get the benefits of the dark screen raise and a ‘combat’ situation.

12/01/19 7:51AM

I had the same problem with a different movie when I realized it wasn’t all that hard to get to White Castle.

11/22/19 1:13AM

Hey, folks! I know it’s a little unusual to run an interview in this space, but I thought I’d try to mix up the format a bit—especially since I know I’m not the only Isaac fan who hangs out down here.

Also: Current plan is to still have an installment of WAYPTW up next week, despite the holiday. Always really happy to Read more

11/08/19 6:13AM

I still have Infinifactory and SpaceChem to get through, so I’m not going to be picking this up right away, but I’m certainly glad there’s a steady supply of puzzle games I might never get to. Read more

11/06/19 11:36AM

I’m not quite there on pie crust, but I’m getting there. My mom made excellent crust and I spent most of my life not bothering to learn because I assumed she would live forever. I waited too long to get her to teach me, the dementia was already starting. Even at the end, when she couldn’t remember the ingredients, she Read more

12/20/18 11:10AM

I have occasionally whispered “Atto de ne” to the chashu before, yes.