Jan 5 2016

You’re correlating automotive enthusiasts with safe drivers. I think those two groups are very often exclusive. Read more

Dec 16 2015

He forgot to say,”brought to you by Carl’s Jr.”

Dec 8 2015

We were going to give them a cat, but it wandered off and we can’t find it. We think it might be in the closet....or maybe under the bed.

Dec 7 2015

Exactly. I may not be any smarter than a mouse, but if you put free food out for me, and the only catch was that I had to climb out of a bucket afterwards, I’d be back for seconds too. Read more

Dec 5 2015

Not so much a welfare state. People were free to pursue their interests and education. Many people work because they have a passion for it, not because they have to. As opposed to the work or die homeless system we have now. Read more

Dec 5 2015

Star Trek III sucking is the first time I’ve agreed with Reagan.

Dec 4 2015

You think that wasn’t planned in fine detail by committee? She wouldn’t have brought it up if she hadn’t tested several answers and chosen a strategy for responding first.

Dec 4 2015

The problem is there seems to be no intellectual middle ground between anti-porn moral censorship and pro-porn sex positive feminism. For example, I often see people conflating personal BDSM with BDSM porn. So when anyone points out the disturbing trend in mainstream “gonzo” porn toward increasingly violent Read more

Dec 3 2015

We should not impose our bourgeois values on what is a working class industry which caters mostly to the needs of working class people. Let them sort it out for themselves.

Dec 3 2015

Yes, it is, but prepare to be eviscerated on Jezebel for daring to speak this obvious truth. Also prepare to have the insult “TERF” laid upon you, thereby making you an object, and OK to attack in obscene and ad hominem verbiage. You CANNOT tell these women that we realised like 40 years ago that all porn is bad for Read more

Dec 2 2015

Anyone who votes NP on this should immediately be banned from driving anything but a Chevy Celebrity for the rest of their miserable lives