Jan 19 2018
One inch of snow in MD

We got less than one inch of snow in MD the other day. This is how over salted our roads are. Yes I drive further

Dec 3 2017
The weekend update

Two big automotive things happened this weekend. First of all, I swapped the wheels back to the factory ones on my

Sep 15 2017
I had to park here

I was out grabbing lunch at work the other day and there was only one parallel spot left. It was this one. Reserved

Aug 26 2017
New Record Last Night

Last night, filled up the Grand Marquis and we broke a new record for crappy mileage in it. It got a whopping 13.8

Aug 12 2017
Saw a new NSX

The guy had Montana plates and I live in Maryland, so props to you. Also I got beside him at another light and it

Aug 2 2017
TDI Wagen Phase I complete

Finally done what I could consider my phase 1 mods. Wheels and tint. Got my car tinted today, just up to the legal

Aug 1 2017
So this exists

I had no idea there was ever a focus coupe. Just saw one on my commute the other day. Blew my mind

Jul 28 2017
Finally got my wheels on

Finally got around to mounting my wheels today. Got a little time off of work and I had a shop where I know the

Jun 23 2017
3 generations of change

This is a picture from today, I parked next to a mk4 tdi wagon. So much has changed but the concept remains the same

Jun 20 2017
Cleaned the fleet

Finally got to clean the cars today got mine clean but I definitely need to do a bit of clay bar and wax next time.