One trick pony. Tsk. So sad. Read more

See, I respected you with the “salad” bit from earlier. That made me laugh and it really worked people into a lather. This is too obvious. 2/10 Read more

That was B A N A N A S. That guy was soooooo creepy and terrible. And those people were in it for like 25 years! Read more

Thanks! I usually rely on autocorrect Read more

Yeah that was gross. I don’t mind the Casey/Danielle personal anecdotes though. Hate hate hate when they bring on Casey’s sister in law and the woman who does the Jersey recaps. Read more

It makes me sad because I love Bitch Sesh but the fb group has been a sespool for a while. This brought it to a head and now the fate of the page is in flux. Read more

Bitch Sesh! Did you see all the shit the off shoot Thunderdome did on WWHL last night??? Damn. Read more

Hmmm... I’m wondering what the message is. Teaching not to be racist? Seems off brand for them, right? Read more

I wonder if that’s set up by the city council. I work for a rec center controlled by city government and we let the Women’s Republican Club and such use rooms all the time. Huh. Read more

I don’t understand why Charleston was on there. They were in a church? Seems like the wrong message a church would want to send, right? Read more

That’s dumb. Right? Or am I just hungover? I just wish people were more creative Read more

My first thought was she either took Slaughterhouse 5 waaaaayyy too literal, or she should never read Slaughterhouse 5 because her brain will explode. Read more

Yup. I’m so so sorry to hear about your mother. That would be so hard. My grandmother would wear the same blue crushed velvet track suit everyday. Refused to wash it. Would HIDE her pee filled underwear like a kid. One time Ashe and my mother (her daughter) took a road trip through Nebraska to visit family and she Read more

My only advice is to work money in the budget for a rehearsal-to-day-of coordinator. My brother and sister in law planned the whole thing themselves and every single person in both families almost got disowned. But my mom paid for a day-of person to walk us through what to do and to handle any emergencies that came Read more

God my grandmother was like that with Alzheimer’s. It took us awhile to get, because she was a witch before. No one ever tells you the meanness that can come with Alzheimer’s. Just completely illogical nasty meanness. Where was THAT storyline, Notebook?? Read more

You know what I mean. Not that this is an indicator he was gay, but that he was keeping his private life private. Leo does the same thing, because that means something. Although in Leo’s case it’s swimsuit models. Read more

And why would Mexicans try to come here for jobs? It’s not like we systimatically recruited their youngest and strongest men to do hard labor for us and promised them citizenship in return, leading to the boon in MX population we’ve seen in the last 2 generations. Read more