9/05/19 5:17PM

For marketing to their actual customers, it works fine. It’s only an issue when dealing with blog commenters.

2/02/19 9:33AM

Those students have more to say that’s worth hearing than most US news talking heads frankly. I say this as someone who is not from the US and doesn’t live there but our news follows your news anyway.

1/13/19 8:37PM

Or, you could give up meat and still eat what you want and call it whatever you want. Why do you care?

1/12/19 7:09PM

Of course you give up the option of eating a steak; steaks, in the sense that you’re talking about, are made of meat. But why do you care what other people call their food?

12/13/18 2:27PM

I’d want the regular Taycan.  I wonder how long the wait would be if you put down a  deposit now.  

12/11/18 12:27AM

“A breathtaking work of craftsmanship” is a “bare minimum” opinion? What’s someone who actually likes it supposed to say?

10/24/18 5:05PM

I had a bunch of terrible luck on those two as well, but got engaged thanks to Bumble -- similar to Tinder but much more heavily geared towards dating instead of hookups. Either way, getting started is never easy, so good luck!

10/24/18 2:31PM

I ... don’t know what any of that means. I mean, I know the individual words but ...

10/24/18 1:37PM

I think the age-old answer is find clubs or groups for non-romantic activities you enjoy.  Sports, art, whatever it may be.  And find a good babysitter.

10/24/18 1:18PM

Did you try OKCupid and search for other people with kids? People that might be a little more understanding?

10/24/18 11:58AM

Do you mean you’ve been in town 10 months or will only be there for 10 months? OKCupid seems more friendly toward single parents. You can always get involved with your kids’ activities, go to library story time, etc. Do NOT hit on women at these events, of course, but expanding your social circle to include people with Read more

10/24/18 10:08AM

You’re in a tough position. Most people looking for a new relationship want the other person to be available, and as a single dad you really can’t be available very often (although that may depend on your child/children’s age.) Read more