Thursday 3:30PM

I can’t hear any story about Phoenix, Arizona being horrifically hot without thinking about King of the Hill

Thursday 11:31AM

Babe...I’m about to do something entirely irrational” Is how the conversation at home would start. The logistics of this makes it a pipe dream but oh what a pipe that would be!!!!

Wednesday 11:06AM

Yup. After the potentially fatal car crash, he allegedly left his friends, a husband and wife, in the vehicle and was transported to his house by his people. He keeps giving further insight into his (lack) of character.

Wednesday 10:22AM

Yep. It’s almost like that’s what manhood actually is!

Tuesday 10:19PM

Anytime he messes up, he issues a non-apology, blames everyone else, and hides behind Dwayne Johnson’s back like a scared church mouse to reclaim his Family Guy/Bumbling Idiot status.

He had a real life real death experience and still manages to talk shit.

Tuesday 4:15PM

Get both! My wife wants a Bronco, even though she’ll never take it off-road. And I want a Maverick since I’m cheap.

Tuesday 12:34PM

I don’t off-road, have an ‘86 4Runner.
I don’t need a convertible, have 996 ‘vert. And 4Runner I guess. And motorbikes.
I need a small truck, like the Maverick.

But I really want a 2 door Bronco. 

Tuesday 11:39AM

It’s one of those things that always gets overlooked, but holy shit does it look hard to build a car. From design to manufacturing, everything is complicated. Like, some dude (more likely a team) had to design, test, and build a machine to deliver a seat at exactly there right time to exactly the right place, and it Read more

6/14/21 8:24AM

I just put down a deposit on a fully loaded Maverick with all the trimmings, because I wanted lane keeping assist and the adaptive cruise control, which are not available on the XLT.  It came to 38k all-in with a trifold tonneau cover and all the bells and whistles.  Decent upgrade from my Focus, and a good car for a Read more