Jake Thiewes
4:20 PM

I’ve asked this question before and apparently one is supposed to use her current name even when referring to events before she changed it. Using the former name is considered a denial of their gender from what I gather. I do think that in a journalistic or educational context it should be allowable to include a Read more

12:42 PM

I would have sworn on a stack of your preferred holy texts that the AMG/SRT version of this only came with the automatic. I’m positive that was true of the SLK, but maybe Chrysler found a way to get that to work. 

9:49 AM

This is an amazing comment, and one of those times I wish I had more than one star.

8:32 AM

Yeah. R170s with the M112 and a stick are rare, and $5K is a no-brainer price for one, even with the fixed roof. NP all day long and twice on Sundays.

1:37 PM

Heck, I took one on two Gambler 500 rallies after modifying it in such a way that would write off any modern car. Even that intentional torture on a 283,000 mile 1993 Festiva couldn’t kill it. Read more

1:54 PM

Whatever happened to just calling someone a fucker? There are so many other words he could have used. 

1:37 PM

Exactly. I’m sure everyone here has said things they regret or misjudged their given audience, but that word is just not in my mental dictionary. I’ve said plenty of stupid things in my life but not once have I even been tempted to use it, it just doesn’t come to mind. So I’m constantly amazed how many people there Read more

9:24 PM

Bback when I had my E30 about 10 years ago there were parts from at least 5 or 6 cars in there.  The limited slip diff was from a 28th. I completely destroyed the firewall of a junkyard e30 for a wiper motor. Tin snips make the job much easier.  Other assorted lights, lenses, hoses, and knobs too.

4:42 PM

I’ll pass on calling dibs. Few things are more humiliating than being underwater on a Hyundai.

6:42 PM

It’d be nice if GM devoted the same amount of effort to their completed production build quality then...

10:13 PM

Thank you!!!! All I have to say is to all those engineers, designers, welders, and mechanics who put so much time and effort into making racing as safe as possible, they are pretty big heroes to me. And dont forget the medics, EMTs, and doctors as well. That was one of the worst places to be hit and yet Newman stands Read more

9:06 PM

I don't think we can (or should) speculate regarding this. A lot of people at the track were shook up very deeply, and it's understandable that emotions will be running high at times like these.

4:10 PM

I think the problem here is that you can’t actually market this thing to people who don’t know about cars. There’s no wool-pulling. It’s not like the Urus (I finally have an excuse to drive a Lambo!) or some heritage-laden tweedmobile (Careful with the Jag, darling).

Lots of car names became famous to normies for Read more

10:10 AM

as someone who’s C6 glove box latch just fell out because they couldn’t engineer a fucking lock properly... I feel attacked. 

9:51 PM

This is not an ‘inconvenience’ because their engineers are that fucktarded. Come at me Tesla engineers. I’m dead fucking serious. Because I will curbstomp you and your fanboys so hard it registers on the Richter scale. Read more