Aug 20

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Aug 20

I get it. I don’t blame them. They are a for profit company that wants to make money, which they are entitled to try to do. They can’t make money if drivers are classified as employees. Unless they drastically raise rates, which riders won’t be happy with.  This was likely the least costly approach to take.

Aug 16

I’ve bought several sets of Continental Tires as a direct result of their involvement in IMSA and the Dinner with Racers podcast. 

Jul 21

*face palm* he didn’t make $13B, we (the royal we) decided his stock now has a higher face value...he is mega rich, but he can’t just sell it all for cash and go buy whatever, he’s not allowed to and it would crash the valuation of the very stock he’d be selling. 

Jul 20

Post more articles complaining about the guy that helps keep the lights on at Gizmedia. 

Jul 8

I really want someone to explain to my why a police vehicle should be held responsible for running over someone. They’re not even autonomous. Read more

Apr 28

Fixing the small truck rules under CAFE to match reality would be a good step towards encouraging smaller cars. Read more

Apr 10 2020

Nope! And I say that as someone who has owned multiple pickups for the past 30 years. A pickup is for hauling things, and a 2-door like this sucks in that mission, because virtually everything ends up in the truck bed, exposed to weather and theft.
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Mar 11 2020

Oh no! I'm running an egr delete on my mustang! Should I have to pay a hefty fine because some people are worried about emissions!? Fuck outta here with this bullshit. If people want to modify their vehicles then let them modify them. I get it everyone has an opinion but for fucks sake take yours and shove it up your Read more

Mar 7 2020

Regardless if whether any of us agree or disagree with his opinion, Bubba is correct that this is a very poorly (non-existently) cited article. It reads as more of a rant or opinion piece. And throwing ad hominem insults about him (Bubba) and his choice of cars is lazy and a poor excuse for debate.

Mar 7 2020

I read it perfectly fine. The only paragraph in which you provide anything resembling numbers gets caught, as I said, in the “correlation does not equal causation” trap.

“For one, they’re aerodynamically inefficient. If you opt for the largest wheel on a Tesla Model X, your range is reduced by about 10%. This is true Read more

Mar 7 2020

Production cars often imitate design elements of race cars to make them look sportier, but fat sidewalls have ruled in the top levels of stock car and open-wheel racing for decades.

Yes, because the rules limited those particular classes to a small diameter wheel. Large diameter wheels have been used in every other Read more