Zach Neal
Nov 11 2015

She was already in the lead at that point. By calling out random letters, she was minimizing how much she was helping her opponents, while letting them do all the work. Read more

Jun 15 2015

Pop culture is, by definition, a trollish waste of time. This trollish waste of time has blood and dragons. Quit complaining.

May 14 2015

If you were to edit this column to describe the career arc of Adam Sandler, you would probably only have to change, like, 12 words.

May 11 2015

So what you’re saying is Bill Simmons is the Adam Sandler of sports journalism. Sounds about right.

May 4 2015

DeAndre Jordan at the charity stripe thinks Austin Rivers looked a little awkward there.

May 3 2015

Man, he’s gonna be pissed when someone reads this article to him.

Apr 30 2015

Uh, I’m being paid to watch it. I don’t blog for free...

Apr 27 2015

Kind of like having 9 different “Brevity” entries in “Concise Sentences and Active Verbs?”

Apr 27 2015

“The sourcing and background are worse than a Rolling Stone article about campus rape.” Absolutely, having documents and emails from the people involved is far worse than relying on a sole source and not checking her story.

Apr 27 2015

Yeah, this I don’t get. Is this poster insinuating that the emails and playbook are fake? Whatever issues you might have with the whole Howard-Whitlock dynamic, it doesn’t change the fact that the email communications and manifesto that were published today are some serious weirdness.

Apr 27 2015

How is the sourcing bad? Unlike Rolling Stone, don't you think if asked, Greg can prove the emails are legitimate—probably from the wrongly-fired assistant?

Feb 4 2015

During the 2001-02 season I interned for a NBA team in their corporate sales department running promotions. One of the promotions I ran was where we gave out a bunch of tickets to different schools to each game. A student from each school would come down for a picture with a player at half time. I would wait with the Read more