Mar 3

Baseball cards are just pieces of thin cardboard with ink. Any collectible object’s value is ultimately manufactured, and the distinction between physical and digital is pointless. Read more

Mar 3

The catch is that these highlights aren’t available (officially through NBA Top Shot, at least) individually. You need to buy “packs” of them Read more

Feb 21

I don’t know if I like this. I mean clearly this guy has views I strongly disagree with. But... so? That means he can’t work on games? Read more

Feb 12

If you can get heat stroke on your mode of transport, you should seek out alternate transportation. I mean, WTF.

Feb 4

Honest question, are you referring to the hedge funds doing the shorting or people like Gill who act like they’re just out to even the playing field but are actually getting people to inflate stocks he’s personally invested in so he can make a shit ton of money?

Feb 4

1st gear: I’m not cheering for “big bad Amazon,” but this is nothing new. At a bare minimum, most companies have GPS tracking on their fleet vehicles, while a lot already have dash cams. Of all the things to get upset with Amazon about, this is pretty low on the list.

Feb 3

99% sure changing the battery is an easy fix here, or if you’re afraid to do it yourself contact Nintendo and they’ll do it for a fee. Read more

Jan 29

The energy is very similar to the guys shouting “this unofficial, evidence-free public meeting about voter fraud is going to overturn the entire political system! The storm is coming!” - indeed, a lot of people waiting for this storm now are the same people who were waiting for that other storm. It’s all about “the Read more

Jan 28

If you want to make money on the stock market without much risk just put money in an S&P 500 tracker fund with low fees and just keep adding to that when you can. Read more

Jan 25

Pretty sure lying about having tracked down one nameless “streamer” and then threatening that “streamer” is about as illegal as threatening a brick wall. Read more

Jan 20

You can absolutely divulge that Munro had purchased and sold Tesla stock this year without giving a jackass like Niedermayer any credence. Read more

Jan 19

Honestly it sounds more like “I like Wario and want to make a post about him but it needs more of an angle” than actually making a real stance on capitalism and greed.