3/30/19 5:01PM

I like this video from UK TV show Monkey Dust showing what was really going on when you connected to the Internet via dial-up.

3/29/19 4:57PM

Conservatives have hated free speech for a very long time, because free speech tends to spread non-conservative ideas. Free speech causes change. Read more

3/18/19 1:43PM

I thought I’d share Airplane with my kids so put it on a month or so ago. I stepped out to get a drink for literally 60 seconds and forgot about that scene. I got back and my one daughter says, “Dad, why was everyone acting so weird and why did that one woman not have clothes?”. Me, “Oh....um yeah sorry I forgot about Read more

2/27/19 11:17AM

Health Insurance and health care are in effect the same thing. If you don’t have the former you can’t have the later. Who cares if you have the best health care in the world if you can’t afford to access it. Read more

2/27/19 10:45AM

I’m as much as a capitalist / republican as the next guy and even I’m for price control in the health care industry if not outright single payer. People are a captive audience to drug makers, hospitals, and health insurance. We need healthcare as much as we need utilities such as power, gas, and water. Unlike the the Read more

2/09/19 6:05PM

“It’s not a micropayment, it’s a living, breathing in-app economy...”

1/24/19 7:01PM

I haven’t made anything this complex or wonderful, but I made a Viking-style lock for a lockbox once, so I’ve played in this sandbox. Here’s what the inside looked like before I riveted it together and set it into the box. The spare key (not shown) casts the shadow of a dragon.

1/20/19 4:57PM

Apparently one of the perps was also in a hoodie from another neighboring school in the diocese. Racism may not formally be classified as a mental illness, but it’s certainly a contagious disease Read more

1/19/19 5:54PM

Ironically, Starship Troopers is the perfect litmus test for ideology. Liberals correctly recognize it as satire, while conservatives take it’s jingoism to heart. 

1/19/19 2:21PM

I can’t fathom the massive stupidity of shouting, “Build the wall,” at a group of Native Americans.

1/19/19 11:07AM

Please let the federal workers strike so we can replace them from the private sector. The whole country will thank you endlessly once we get better service at a cheaper cost. Read more

1/19/19 10:37AM

Replacing government workers from the private sector does not automatically get you cheaper, better quality services. It usually gets you higher costs with less service as the private sector attempts to extract profit from something the government does at cost. Read more

1/19/19 10:19AM

Your premise assumes that the private sector would replicate all of the functions that the government currently performs. Read more