Orb 33
Jun 15 2018

So he is a trumpster with a better accent?

Jun 15 2018

well-meaning but flabby legislation is not lazily plopped on to the statue book by a few MPs on a poorly attended Friday sitting, Read more

Mar 23 2018

Where I live the wind is so bad, and frequent, most trees have a permanent, east facing, bend in them as they grow. When the wind does get going, it really doesn’t look far off from the Witcher 3, like wind storms can up root trees you know that right? lol

Feb 6 2018

So, if you’re mega rich you can just dump garbage in space and bring us ever closer to the world ending catastrophe theorized by Kessler? WTF? Read more

Feb 6 2018

Your title is confusing, “way too good for it’s price” reads that it’s better than what the price would suggest.

Jan 31 2018

I agree that this isn’t the year, but we can’t whitewash him out of the history of video games. I know it’s hard to have nuanced discussions about these things, but we can’t really have a society where everyone is judged by the worst thing they have ever done. People are good and bad, people learn, people make Read more

Jan 29 2018

I mean, the model T was the result of a steady improvement in industrial processes that allowed Ford to produce a cheap, reliable car for the masses. But what made it important was that it was the first to market and the archetype that every other car manufacturer would strive to beat. It took them years to catch up. Read more

Jan 29 2018

I absolutely remember how the Macbook Air’s lack of CD-ROM drive was the biggest scandal ever. Especially at that price! And Jobs did his usual Apple thing of telling everyone they didn’t need a CD drive anyway, and that data would be stored in the cloud and not on discs. I was unimpressed. Read more

Jan 28 2018

Speaking as a huge Jalopnik fan, the tone of this article is honestly unbecoming of this site. I enjoy a bit of snark, this just comes across as mean-spirited.

Jan 28 2018

Huh... I thought “Let’s Randomly Insult Musk For Our Weekly Boners” was on Wednesdays.

Jan 27 2018

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you a grown man whining about the level of detail of a kid’s toy meant to spark imagination.

Dec 16 2017

Thank god Jack was here to explain this to us

Dec 16 2017

my personal theory is that the aliens saw the F-18s coming and went all “oh shit it’s the cops”