There’s your first mistake...schematics for Series Land Rover parts are more conceptual than actual. Can you CNC an approximation? Read more

“Vodka martini, shaken not shit.” Read more

“Do you expect me to talk?” Read more

“The name’s Fuck, I-don’t-give-a Fuck. License to step up and not be shit.” Read more

the kid in the blue...innocence lost.... Read more

A trim level on German cars that replaces all wiring and electronics with Japanese components. Read more

He likely saved taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars, and was arrested for his effort. Read more

Why not both?

Hi my name's Brian.

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Differentials aren't black magic. The following video makes it easy to understand.

Now that CR hates the Fit, I like it more. Read more

anyone who has been on Jalopnik has seen this!!

Well, since they are going to make the 4 series the new 3 series, it makes sense if they try to make the 3 series to try and fill the 5 series shoes a bit more. And its actually this car that should have been called the 4 series. This looks a bit more than 3 series but a little less than 5. Read more