3/10/16 3:13PM

The handwringing from this site is bad. Go back to driving your shitty saab wagons and crappy volvos the speed limit and let people who choose to have fun do so.

12/22/15 1:02PM

The Celica GT-S had roughly the same power to weight (180 hp/2,650 lb) as the contemporary Integra GS-R (170 hp/2,595 lb) and not much worse than the later RSX-S (210 hp/2790 lb). Not sure why I’m trying to bring facts in to argue against hyperbole though.

12/13/15 9:47AM

The same Jalopnik people that crashed a Camaro on a race track?

11/26/15 6:57PM

This may be from left field, but Honda with their S660. Shows that somewhere someone at Honda still knows what the hell to do right. There is hope

10/28/15 6:58PM

Nah, front end of the 360 was always ugly and looked like a pontoon boat. At least this aftermarket piece is aggressive.

10/01/15 5:42PM

Third-generation Acura Integra coupe. It’s not the fastest or best-handling car I’ve ever driven, but it did everything I wanted a car to do so well. It was quick and nimble and a lot of fun to drive, with a sharp, responsive feel to both the chassis and drivetrain. It was surreally reliable, and not particularly Read more

8/05/15 2:49PM

‘Guy wants to do donuts, couldn’t be bothered to source one of the millions of truck-motored, stick-axle cars designed for the job.’ Read more

6/16/15 11:47AM

The Stalion is tied with the Blista Compact, i still remember how much people harassed Rockstar to bring them both back

6/16/15 11:39AM

At least as far as Gran Turismo is concerned, I’d say it’s a dead heat between this and the ‘87 Mugen Motul Civic.

6/15/15 1:38PM

Because it’s a user-friendly, well-thought-out Golf with just enough extra poop auto journos can call it a “performace car” without bursting into laughter. Golfs aren’t exciting to me, but unless it’s literally half as fast or actually on fire, the German car will win every performance comparo against cars posting Read more

6/09/15 11:06AM

There’s nothing pretentious about the name Cavalier, rather fitting actually: cavalier design, cavalier build quality, etc.

6/09/15 10:26AM

Speak for yourself, there are two S2000s in my driveway.

6/04/15 11:04AM

Poor bastard - not only is he stuck driving a BMW coupe but he’s been friendzoned into their personal chauffeur.