I’ve been saying since the beginning of this pandemic that some people have never sat next to their kid in a hospital bed and it shows.  Read more

I don’t understand what the “return to normal” contingent wants exactly? Maybe it’s different in other parts of the country, but I can do anything I want. I can go to restaurants. I can go to concerts and shows. I can go to bars. I can go to sporting events. I can go to stores. I can go to movies. I can get I can’t Read more

The idea that measures should continue until the virus is no more are totally unrealistic. Read more

For instance, if working in person or sending children to daycare or school was so dangerous, how do you explain that Europeans didn’t close schools or daycares for very long Read more

I dunno. I won’t argue with you when you say it’s nothing special and dull. But I’d say it did accomplish a few major things: Read more

Evangeline Lilly might value her freedom over her health, but it’s not just her health on the line — it’s other people’s health. And since she’s living with someone with leukemia, she should know better. Read more

I NEED THIS SHOW. My 12 year old self is screaming and running in circles right now.

The mystic turtle is the only reason to read Read more

Iowan here. I used to work for one of the private companies that is charged with administering Iowa’s Medicaid program. Read more

honestly, it’s like yall are just out there desperately trying to find something to complain about. the song is a great step for her and it’s fun and catchy. so yes, you are a bad faith critic, whatever that means.
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Oh God, fuck this. I have my misgivings about it too, but I am so done with entitled dipshit fans like these. Read more

She has WANTED to harm “innocent people” (not in her eyes) many times, and had to be dragged to doing something else many times. I am glad Beth wrote this article, because a lot of haters need to realize that season 8 doesn’t exist in the bubble. The writers have been brilliantly hinting at this almost since the Read more

I think it could’ve been clearer but I’d still argue it’s all there in the episode and recent seasons. Let’s look at just the last two seasons. Read more

It seems I’m one of the only people who still likes this show now, because apparently the idea that a show whose only long-running theme that rulership by birth is destructive at best and when led by ill rulers is horrifying in totality, ending with yet another ill-ruler with a longstanding history of Read more

Hillary has the sense not to run again.
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You talk a lot about the physical aspects of age, but neglect anything about mental developmental. Read more

I’m not a Brit, so my first exposure to James Corden was through the Broadway productions of History Boys and One Man Two Guvnors and I thought he was immensely talented. He was in talks to do A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum which I was very much looking forward to, but then the late show gig happened Read more