Mar 11

This probably shows my age, but every time I see Craig Zobel pop up, I'm like "Co-creator of Homestar Runner Craig Zobel?!" 

Mar 6

... Dave Bautista revealed James Gunn has an idea for a Drax and Mantis spinoff film.

Mar 4

There’s a few good moments for music in SOLO but more so because it’s rehashed John Williams music. Which I don’t mind but it does seem pretty fan servicey.

This is my favorite musical moment. When they first introduce the Millennium Falcon. I especially love the music that kicks in at 1:10. It’s subtle but classic

Mar 1

If John Cena isn’t playing Imperceptible Man, I’m going to be very disappointed.

Mar 1

Remember when this site had complete radio silence on James Gunn because of a targeted campaign by right-wing trolls to discredit him and Meatwadf was our hero?
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Feb 21

... Portal, a new sci-fi monster movie from director Rob Prior and Blue Fox Entertainment (and no, it has nothing to do with the Valve sci-fi puzzler of the same name). Read more

Feb 19

The film’s score “Do Not Forsake Me” was haunting and also spoke of Kane’s sense of abandonment by his own people.

Feb 19

In a new interview with Empire Magazine, director Dean Parisot revealed Bill & Ted only have 78 minutes to save mankind’s future in Bill & Ted Face the Music.

Feb 16

The after dark shows have always been drunken messes but this one was the best. 

Feb 6

There is only one person I feel could equal Alfred Molina as Doc Ock:

Jan 23

The Hollywood Reporter article claims they’re in talks to direct a Marvel series for Disney+. The rumor I’ve seen is that it’s America Chavez but there isn’t any official source to back that up.

Jan 23

Building up Monica as a character before CM 2 is a good thing, lets CM 2 hit the ground running with the story it wants to tell.