Aug 3

How is this anti-consumer? Let’s look at it another way: if Sony didn’t pay the developer to make exclusive content, that content wouldn’t exist for anyone. Would you rather have nobody be able to use Spider-Man or the largest playerbase be able to use Spider-Man? I see this more as a reward to their consumers that Read more

Jul 8

This strangely reminds me of one of my childhood movies Blank Check(1994).

May 6

Lol, you sound just like the annoying sports fans you dislike and resent so much, specifically when they get all saddies that their boys and clubs are letting them down. I guess e-sports ARE just like regular sports

Apr 1

See, that’s not entirely clear.  Jason said that “royalties” get split 60/40, If so, that means that it was the pre-profit revenue that was getting split.

Apr 1

No, that’s not how embezzlement works. If he took $12 million from the company’s 60% that wasn’t earmarked as “bonus for Randy Pitchford”, then yes, it would be. But this was a contractual bonus.

And besides, would anyone rather that Pitchford took his $12 million from the employee’s 40%? No.

Dec 11

Can’t imagine what you mean, he didn’t say a word about Rogue One.

Apr 15 2019

Context does matter, but you are picking and choosing what context matters to you. As it stands, white people wearing dark makeup to appear black is the continuation of a practice tied to the mocking of black people, and often enslaved Africans, in the US. That’s the context for this. More context for this, which a Read more

Apr 14 2019

This isn’t merely the Dragonzord, which looks kinda like an alternate green Mechagodzilla. This is its Battle Mode (a.k.a. Dragon Megazord). Read more

Mar 12 2019

WoW has, at this point, some hundred thousands of different armor sets, millions of different effects, and a silly amount of different animations, all of which are expected to work with minimal clipping or other graphical issues. These designs are expected to work with modern features and also use features designed 15 Read more

Feb 14 2019

You’re absolutely correct in that context is critical to the meaning of language. However, for someone who seems content to lecture others on the nature of context, there are three specific context cues that you’re either ignoring or simply looking away from in favor of your own position on this issue.

The first, and Read more

Feb 13 2019

It is homophobic. It is derogatory in any context outside of describing a cigarette outside of England. Replace the F word with the N word, and you should understand better.