Omegaruin (JD)
May 22

If my weekly Dungeons & Dragons game isn’t essential, then neither is anyone else’s.

May 15

Okay, double nitpick because it annoys me when people spell out “Artoo,” which I’ve come to accept if you’re just saying it like “Threepio.” But if it is an “Artoo Unit” like written in this article it should be R2-Unit (with or without the hyphen) because it’s referring to its designation. But then again, Luke refers Read more

Apr 21

Noticing a patterns of slideshows on these sites now. Not a fan of it. Feels like a G/O Media thing and it just feels like a sign of things to come. Unfortunate. Thanks for writing this though. I’m assuming it wasn’t your decision to make this a slideshow post.

Apr 6

Castle Crashers is timeless. There’s no way it will ever not be fun. I buy it on every platform possible. If you somehow haven’t played it, round up the cat, or your SO, or whoever’s gonna play, and get to it.

Mar 24

My wife is a nurse in the Seattle-area. The hospitals are slammed. ER and ICU already overflowing. No N95 masks, low on everything else (basic surgical masks, gloves, etc). Read more

Mar 5

Agents of SHIELD did it. And if that’s the case I really wish they’d use the same actress because she is STUNNING.