7/18/18 9:01PM

The best thing to result from the existence of Zayn Malik is the Swet Shop Boys song named after him.

5/18/18 9:57AM

I absolutely LOVE THIS!!!! I’m a huge proponent of MDMA for many different uses. It’s helped me quite a bit throughout my life. :::ding ding ding::: I just realized that’s what’s missing from my current horrific timeline.

5/18/18 9:43AM

MDMA cheeses? It’s like the lord answered my prayers combining two of my favorite things in life:) SO HOW DO I GET INVITED TO THE PARTY?

5/18/18 2:24AM

Come on, in my book it’s a positive that relatively harmless drugs such as MDMA (as opposed to cocain, alcohol, heroin etc) aren’t being demonized anymore. I am as much for a legalization of pot, as I am for MDMA.

5/26/17 3:38PM

I wish I could star this more! I have lumps and bumps on my head, and a flat spot probably because my mom let me lay on my back too much when I was a baby.

5/26/17 2:37PM

Triplets. I wear lots of eyemakeup and dye my [copious] hair blue to distract the eye.

5/26/17 2:31PM

uhhh.... I’m a South Asian Muslim immigrant and Ghost World was my #1 movie in 2001...shit, I watched it a thousand times on dvd and I was obsessed with the graphic novel and the website. I graduated from high school the same year the movie came out and I hated everyone with equal passion like Enid and Becky, and my Read more

5/26/17 2:16PM

Also, the UK singer, Jorja Smith.

5/26/17 1:55PM

THANK YOU. This has been a think Black women have been doing for decades.

5/26/17 1:09PM

Agreed. Also the only woman who looks better without hair than with is Amber Rose and that is because her face is just perfect. You have to have the perfect head and face shape for it. Not many ladies can pull it off.

5/26/17 12:59PM

I’m growing out an undercut and it is...pretty frustrating. This makes me want to buzz it and start over. Stay tuned for 6 hours from now when the baby is napping and I’ve figured out the hard way that I have a lumpy head...

5/26/17 12:58PM

When I shaved my head 2 years ago I didn’t even know what my natural color was because I’d been dying my hair several times a year since middle school. I kept the buzz for a year and now have been growing it out to something between a long-pixie and short-bob, and it is so healthy and lush. I get comments at the salon Read more

5/26/17 12:25PM

I think they’re just proving that classically beautiful women look good in almost any hairstyle possible.

5/26/17 11:58AM

Oscar Isaac can GET. IT. I’ve loved him since I first saw him in that movie “W.E.”