May 16 2017

Israel taking Trump with open arms next week is a strange way to greet someone who allegedly fucked you over. Or, I guess Israel doesn’t feel so fucked over.  

May 11 2017

There’s a office at Gawker media that scours the internet for anything to demonize Trump which covers every blog so you get bombarded with the negative coverage where ever you are reading on Gawker sites.

May 11 2017

“Guys, Trump doesn’t like this thing we criticized before so now it’s totally amazing.”

May 11 2017

Written by the same author, no less. The Trump Hysteria Syndrome is real.

May 11 2017

This ^^^. Everything across the multiple sites - Jalopnik, FA, Gizmodo etc. is anti-Trump at every opportunity. Just stop already. It’s transparent and obvious and completely disgusting. Read more

May 11 2017


Ballaban can’t stomach writing anything but anti Trump propaganda.

Foxtrot was one of my favorites, not I can hardly read it because of his constant political avalanche.

May 11 2017

It feels to me like the last time this carrier was mentioned on foxtrot alpha, it was all about how bad the new system was, how the carrier doesn’t work, and how they should do steam. Read more

May 10 2017

That’s not really the case. Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine (which you mention) all voluntarily gave up their nuclear weapons. Read more

Apr 25 2017

The first thing I thought when I saw that 9.4mpg...Wow, better than expected. I’m not sure why you were expecting 12mpg; that’s ridiculous, even with a V6. Also, since it was all highway miles as you said, the 10 speed is mostly irrelevant. Where it plays a much bigger role in improved fuel economy is heavy Read more

Apr 25 2017

Maybe you’ll do this with another newer 8+speed 1500 truck and run the same *kind of* test for comparison? Otherwise, we get it. You don’t like the Raptor and would prefer if others don’t like the Raptor either because you say so.

Apr 24 2017

I really don’t think “firing” is the right word here. I mean, the government seized the factory. I know it’s a game of semantics, but the place of employment no longer belongs to the employer, so shouldn’t it be the responsibility of ones who took control of the physical place/equipment to now employ the workers?

Apr 24 2017

TL:DR...... Ford gave David a truck to use as a support truck. He got it stuck. He guesstimated the weight he was going to tow and came up with a hypothetical MPG figure he was expecting with achieve with no basis in reality. The truck did not meet his fuel economy expectations when towing an unknown weight over Read more