And comfort - the ANC isn’t as good as the equivalent Bose or Sony’s but they blow them out the water if you want to wear them for longer than 2 hours 👍 Love my M3's Read more

100% yes but also why not simply wireless charging?

You can get wireless charging battery packs now for super cheap so the components can’t cost much - just plop it on a charging pad every now and then and you’re good to go.  Read more

“the 64-bit x64 Win32 apps

Think I just went cross-eyed a bit... Read more

The article mentions HDMI so it sounds like it’ll act like a full dock. Read more

Posting from Hong Kong and totally for this - so many cases of people returning and flaunting quarantine - sit your ass down and chill for 2 weeks. How is this “invasive”? You’re obliged to stay at home - so stay at home. Problem solved.

(and yes, I appreciate how dystopian this is and I’m very aware of how close we Read more

Chirping in - fully agree :) Keep it up! Read more

I charge my Garmin Fenix5X once every 2-3 weeks - or weekly if I’m specifically logging workouts. Not having to take it off, charge it, and put it back on - EVERY DAY - is incredibly convenient. Actually, having to take a watch off daily to charge it is a deal for me (not to mention I love the sleep tracking function). Read more

*The Great Suspender* (Chrome Add-on) Read more

Useful command but holy crap please put a disclaimer BEFORE giving the command informing the users to check which drive is their SD card.

The backup is relatively harmless but the restore could cause serious harm for someone just copy and pasting the commands. Read more

TIP - You can insert a LANDSCAPE orientation page in the middle of a regular document!

Insert a page section break, add some content, then add another page section break. Your middle page can be formatted separately, INCLUDING ORIENTATION! Read more

Styles save time - heaps of it!

At University in France lectures are highly structured and each subject has a title, containing sections, containing parts, containing sub-sections, containing elements, containing topics, etc.

I setup styles for each of these - then whenever we hit a new heading I could just click the Read more

I feel awful for even thinking this but $50.00 isn't quite what I what call cheap (and yes I know anemometers are generally much more expensive and I would definitely get one of these if I had a compatible phone; I just wouldn't call it cheap... affordable maybe...) Read more

NB: Airport Security attempt to confiscate these in hand luggage... Read more

Re: Fake seat number on boarding pass at gate - DON'T DO IT. Read more

Well actually a very similar story is current news (not sure it's NFC related, can't watch the video right now) - "BMW owners hit by hi-tech theft" (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-19562487) Read more