Mar 27

I work for a company that does aftermarket parts for classic GM based vehicles, and we have literally never been busier. We did Black Friday sales numbers last week, and we’ve been taking record numbers in phone calls. It’s been absolute mayhem because everyone now has the time to wrench on their cars like you are.

Feb 10

one hundred million thousand percent for me as well.

Feb 5

Have always, and will always love the MP4-12C. 

Jan 8

I’ve been reading Jalopnik for the last decade, and I always scroll to the comments to see what $kaydog says, if anything. Thanks for being such a large part of the community, $kaydog.

Oct 14

What this really is, is a dodged tripping attempt on Comtois whilst simultaneously bullet-time dodging. Before stepping off of the ice he looks back to sadly see Comtois skating away instead of on his face. Doesn’t look it, but Marchy was pissed he missed the trip. That double dodge on both players is impressive.

Sep 26 2019

No, you’re correct, and I came here to comment the same thing. My OP7 Pro has a triple camera as well. It’s super silly, considering that there is a photo of the back of the two phones immediately following that sentence, SHOWING the triple setup on the back of the 7 pro.

Sep 9 2019

I saw a 575 Superamerica on Friday night, and flipped out. I’ve never seen one in person, let alone on the road. 

Jul 18 2019

This whole things feels like the FyreFest of F1. I think that Billy McFarland and William Storey would be best of friends.
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Jul 16 2019

Started experiencing it myself recently while playing BotW. Suddenly, Link would just start moving left. I only noticed it when I was on an edge of a cliff, and suddenly I fell down it without any input. Glad to see it’s not just me!

Jul 1 2019

Awe man, and the Expanse series is so good too. Sorry to hear that.

Jun 27 2019

I see what you did there. Take your dam star. 

Jun 19 2019

This is why I still have my S6 that can barely hold any battery life for when I’m at home. I literally use it as a remote. Read more

Jun 18 2019

Simone is such a badass too. Can confirm: This is rad!

Jun 17 2019

SAME. Literally the same happened with me. I bought my switch a year ago, and BotW along with it. It was the first zelda game I have ever owned and played (just a different childhood). I LOVE BotW, but I stopped playing it for a long time for the same reason: I just stopped. I had all 4 divine beasts unlocked, but I Read more

Jun 11 2019

still incredibly suspect and keeping my hopes for this to be any good whatsoever and “not at all”. The bar is very low on this.

May 29 2019

That is the damn busiest steering wheel I have ever seen outside of F1.

May 20 2019

When I drove around the ring 5 years ago, there were multiple motorcycles on the track. Read more

May 16 2019

Do what my dad did: Buy a second Element with lower mileage half way across the country (car in NJ, lives in CO) and drive it home in two days alone at the age of 71.

May 15 2019

Unless you’re Ferrari, who don’t even want you driving their cars, because you don’t technically “own” them.