May 29 2018

Lots of factual errors in the article

Vacate orders and evictions are Not The Same Thing - eviction comes from a judgement after a case in housing court, vacate orders come from the Department of Buildings.

Vacate orders are open ended - until the property owner corrects the condition that caused the vacate to the Read more

Aug 9 2017

If it isn’t called Winefry, then I don’t want to drink it.

Aug 9 2017

this stuff is chock full of harpohydrates.

May 22 2017

don’t you mean “Lord of the Flyes”?

May 20 2017

I’m pretty much hitting rock bottom, at least professionally. I am a freelancer in the entertainment industry and I really need to reinvent myself and I don’t know how to start. I’m coming out of—at the beginning stages of coming out of—a rather terrible “dark night of the soul” episode that is coinciding with me Read more

Mar 12 2017

“Mommy has two Outbacks.”

Mar 9 2017

Also, that’s not how divorce works. Yes, they could pound out an agreement and push through the papers quickly and quietly, but filing initial pleadings isn’t a hostile act, its more like just a reference point. Idk.

Feb 5 2017

If a dad bod mates with mom jeans, do they produce cargo shorts?* Read more

Dec 31 2016

Anyone else seeing this Mariah fisaco?! That was so uncomfortable and awesome. She is so mad, so mad! I feel bad for her.

Dec 27 2016

Gotta build that swamp!

Dec 24 2016

I have been reading for almost a year but never posted. Christmas this year has been hard. My Dad is visiting and I’m trying so hard to show him that I am doing OK. He comes every year at Christmas no matter what. So I have to remind myself that even though change feels slow for me it must be pretty dramatic for him. Read more

Dec 24 2016

Ace Frehley got a drum set for Christmas

Dec 21 2016

I see what you’re doing. Trying not be be low brow. You plucky devil you.

Dec 10 2016

She was also a very successful businesswoman selling beauty products and beautician training specifically for black women. Read more

Dec 3 2016

Whew, finally got my tree up.

Dec 3 2016

Well, I can take joy in the pain of people who are regretting their votes because Donald is not building a wall/prosecuting Clinton. I really don’t have a lot of sympathy for those ones.

Dec 3 2016

Newsflash; people who can’t tell they’ve been conned surprised when it turns out they’ve been conned.