The “epidemic” of “trans murders”? Read more

There weren’t any but Queen Tiye who were sub Saharan Africans. Or aliens. Read more

It’s Jezebel, and Hannah Gold. The colonialism thing is a reach too. Read more

So weird that it’s editorially permissible at Jezebel to be able to be born a male and then to say you are, and be, a woman, just because you wake up one morning and feel like it, but, same gender, different race feels - no way! Read more

You don’t know anything about me and you are welcome to keep your inane racist “logic” to yourself. (My mom is white too, btw, in case you think we should have a discussion about my “issues.”) I actually do have to read Jezebel as my students continually cite it as a feminist website and it has become part of my Read more

This world-weary, bitter hipster style of writing was popular at the end of the 1990s in dying formerly-cutting-edge alternative shopper weeklies like the Village Voice and the Advocate. It never went away, unfortunately, and was amplified in less capable hands by Gawker, and now, still, 20 years hence, Jezebel. Read more

It’s Stanford University. Also you imply that is where Jackson’s JD is from. It is from Pepperdine. These kind of takedowns, hastily flung together and yet trailing the 3 April ProPublica story, help no one. Read more

FFS...what exactly would you suggest he do about the “issue” of his white mother? Read more

Person who disagrees with you on the internet =\= troll. Jezebel’s pro hijab/ pro trans agendas are very connected...to it being a misogynistic troll site itself. Read more

Really? In your limitless spare time you also follow Middle Eastern style and women’s fashion publishing? Read more

Ever heard of Vivienne Westwood? Grace Coddington? Read more

Ever heard of Carine Roitfeld? Read more

Did you just post a spoiler, high up in the comments, when people have JUST said they wouldn’t be able to view tonight? Read more

Rapists do know they are rapists. Seriously. Read more

Rapists do know they are rapists. Seriously. Read more

Dramatic much? You realize there are alternatives to bringing a child into this horrible world, right? Procreation is essentially a selfish choice. People have babies because they want “a family.” Read more

“...always in try-hard mode...” Read more