Dan H
3:09 PM

I gotta say I flew business class when I did my semester in Japan and it somehow made flying in coach even worse. It was 1000% worth it though.

2:50 PM

As a black woman who lives in *The Hamptons* (south-of-the-highway-east-of-the-canal), I feel you. When I walk my dogs on the beach and they pee on Mason Rudolph’s blanket, I say “Well, you are in our yard.”

11:05 AM

I’m so sorry that you went through that. 

10:56 AM

I haven’t even read this yet but I want to say thank you for writing about Madam Queen! This has made my morning. ❤️

10:40 AM

Obviously important to teach boys to ask for consent, but it is just as important to teach boys how to react when you do not get consent.

10:16 AM

I was full grown before I realized how the games we played as kids fed into this thinking that we have free range over a woman’s body. FeministOnFire describes those supposedly harmless games that actually humiliated little girls and gave us boys the misguided feeling of power that leads to even worse behavior as we Read more

9:33 AM

I remember terrifying fear, at the age of six when we got cloakrooms and recess, of the ‘games’ that boys somehow knew how to play. Being the only girl in my family/friend group, I thought I knew most games. But I’d never heard of Hit It, Go Get It involving boys hitting girls’ behinds when they were least expecting Read more

9:30 AM

I want to believe he did some deep soul searching and that he would have made better choices that night. In honor of his death, I want to pay my respects to Kobe by speaking about consent and asking men to follow suit. Read more

9:24 AM

👏👏👏👏👏👏 Thank you for this. 

9:19 AM

Great idea. You have this platform. So write extensively about consent. 

3:35 PM

When Gavin Newsom became Lt Governor, it was up to the Board of Supervisors to appoint an interim mayor, but with the term coming up, they were mindful that anyone they appointed might get an unfair incumbent status, so when they looked at Ed Lee, he promised that he would not run for mayor. Then out came the ad Read more

12:22 PM

As far as I’m concerned in Bloomberg vs Trump, Trump might actually be the lesser evil. That sounds insane, but hear me out. Read more

12:08 PM

I wanted Sanders to win the Dem nomination last time, but voted for Clinton in the general election without hesitation. I’m not some extremely privileged liberal who only votes for the “purest” of leftists; I can be pragmatic, but I also have standards, and Bloomberg is below the bare minimum for me. Read more

11:13 AM

They’re both rich, old racists from NYC. As far as I’m concerned, the only difference is that one of them can speak in complete sentences. As far as I’m concerned, he’ll be just as bad as Trump is, if not worse, because he has direct experience with using the government to oppress minorities. On the off chance he gets Read more

10:49 PM

“Bit of a dick” to her employees? More like “bad boss on steroids”. Her penchant for belittling staffers, humiliating them in public, sabotaging their prospects with future employers, and exploding on them in fits of rage has been well-documented for over two decades. Christ, the Senate had to intervene to address her Read more