He doesn’t actually want a child, he wants the support that comes with it. As you say, if he’s so desperate to be a father, there are plenty of ways he can do so. That he wants to be a father to this particular embryo speaks volumes about his true intentions. Read more

There’s a pretty stringent screening process for adoptions. Just based on this story alone, I’m guessing this guy hits pretty much all of the “Don’t give this guy a baby,” flags in their system. Read more

I’m not at all surprised that there are disgusting creeps who will use hypnosis to sexually assault women. But on the other hand, I am absolutely surprised that hypnosis is real. I always thought it was a sham. Read more

Hello: Environmental sciences person here. Fish kills like this seem to disturb people but its not that uncommon and happens in usually more boring ways, like a bunch of tree debris or something falls into a stream after storm and uses up all the oxygen in the decay process, turning the water body hypoxic until it Read more

Probably because he absolutely knows it’s best for the country, including all those that voted for him. And he’s a decent person. Read more