Oct 25 2016

i blame video game, the walking dead, etc. used to be a guy would gently lay the ball in the cup, say the pledge of allegiance, and shake hands with the opposing coach before hustling back “on d”. Now Glenn is dead. Rims are bleeding. It is madness, this culture of dunking.

Oct 18 2016

“Hi! It looks like you’re trying to run an A-2 Gap Slant? Would you like help running an A-2 Gap Slant?”

Aug 24 2016

I know nothing about NFL contracts, but I’m gonna side with the NFL franchise on this one.

Aug 24 2016

“I know absolutely nothing about this whatsoever, but I’m going to share my dumb and groundless opinion online, anyways.”

Aug 9 2016

I see no problem with the underwater cameras, I see a problem with freaking out over seeing a woman’s nipple, especially in this context. They’re not sex objects, they’re athletes competing. This view gives a good look at a sport where a lot more happens under the surface of the water than the casual fan realizes. Read more

Aug 3 2016

Wow you’re like a level 50 internet tough guy now!

Jun 1 2016

If you make ‘em, you wrangle ‘em. I don’t understand this thought process of “lol, who could ever control their own kid?! Mine just causes wanton destruction and I don’t even get how!” If you care so little about your child’s welfare that you can’t hold a 2-year-old’s hand or put them in a stroller, you’re probably Read more

May 15 2016

Sour grapes from a gutter dweller who never even made it to JV bench warmer status. I can just see it now (if you even could be a father) yours is the kid on the side lines hiding behind the coach as you berate him from the stands for not get a home run in t-ball.

May 2 2016

Yep, this is clearly on par with other serious sexual crimes like mooning, or pissing in the woods.

Mar 30 2016

Do you have some examples? Because it’s becoming easier and easier to find examples of aGG who are pro pedophelia.

Mar 30 2016

Jesus, what a dumb thing to say. First of all, Bush didn’t win the election, Gore did. Gore won Florida. Bush’s brother, the governor of Florida, muddied the waters to the point that the Supreme Court ruled that Bush won, despite the fact that he lost the popular election. Nader voters had nothing to do with it, only Read more