I don't actually post kinja content anymore so you can go ahead revoke privileges. Read more

I really hate how literal they took the lose what you love/a life for a life lines. It could have been that maybe each person could interpret it different like of course murdery thanos would kill someone to get it, but maybe Nat would figure out if she gave up her memories or even Clint that's a type of life too.  Read more

Hickman’s work on Avengers and New avengers which led to secret wars was so damn good and satisfying I’m excited to see what he does next. He know how to tell huge sprawling stories along with intimate ones, he seems perfect for the xmen.  Read more

I totally agree on Demon Jesus Sabrina. I thought the imagery was cool and then the following episode when she basically challenges the priest, and the council were so badass. Read more

Second season. The pacing is better without two-three month breaks. Read more

It’s easy are these dudes in a court room? No. They don’t get or need your presumed innocence. There is no precarious path. You need to get your head out of the philosophical clouds. Read more

You know what immediately invalidates everything you’ve been writing is the slew of guys who are still making movies and tv for shit that there is hard factual undeniable evidence for like Sean Penn, Mel Gibson, and Charlie Sheen, to name a few. Read more

Came here to say the same exact thing. The only character in the DCCU that they could maybe say that about is Wonder Woman and even then it’s a stretch Read more

FINALLY! I am so happy this is happening. After having dropped off after Smith’s doctor I am happy to come back to watch this one. Read more

God dammit. He was such a fucking talent and towards the end of True Blood was the only reason to watch. Read more

Take your patience and shove it. Have a good one. Read more

Except a) there is nothing inherently wrong with shock value, b) shock is subjective, and c) context, meaning the story behind it, also matters (but still doesn’t totally have to). Read more

It is the best thing to be written about this fiasco outside of twitter, even this article leaves a lot to be desired. Read more

Wow okay could you please just link to the cover instead of embedding it. We don’t need to see it to know its incredibly violent racist imagery because we’ve been told by the people it affects that it is. Read more

Oh fuck off Finn. My decision to never watch this is getting confirmed as the right move more and more as this douche keeps talking. Read more

I knew it was going to be bad but I’m completely surprised how bad this is turning out to be. Oh well Netflix/Marvel had to misstep eventually. Read more

All this. I wanted to punch him in his stupid trust speech it was so fucking patronizing. I also just fast forward through all his scenes, its like they made up this shit to keep him and Winn on the show. Read more

I guess I can start watching who again YAY Read more