Greg Newkirk
Jan 8 2016

Apart from everything else that can be said about both the Warrens and the Enfield case: according to Enfield investigator Playfair the (uninvited by no one) Warrens barely dropped by long enough to say “Totes demons!” Read more

Jan 5 2015

Id throw my money at Count of the Jurassic Island.

Dec 26 2014

And the one about Atheists never being able to resist telling everyone what they don't believe in...

Nov 24 2014

Yeah, but it's not nearly as good. It's a shame because I'm a huge Road Trippers fan. Their website has been so helpful in planning trips!

Nov 24 2014

I just took road-trip from Chicago to Terlingua Texas. I downloaded this app beforehand and it was super helpful on my trip. It was really great for finding food and hotels in random areas I stopped in. The local attractions feature is wonderful and unique, it encompasses off the beaten road attractions, as well Read more

Jul 15 2014

No it's absolutely not. At least in the context you are using. We don't convict on probability and we shouldn't in the public view either.

Jul 15 2014

What does it matter what the percentages are? We know that false rape claims are made. We also as a society believe in the concept of presumption of innocence. Why should those accused of rape not get the same treatment (especially when no charges have ever been filed and no evidence ever presented)?

Jul 15 2014

damned if he does damned if he doesn't if he denies it and fights it ppl will assume he is lying if he dosen't people assume he did it and feels guilty because in the court of public opinion if you are accused of a sex crime you are guilty. remember that case from the 80's the family that ran a day care that got Read more

Jul 15 2014

Ummm.. what if this turns legal? You don't think maybe the kinds of meandering thoughts and questions you hoped he would pose could potentially hurt his case? Read more

Jul 15 2014

I'm sorry, but I'm completely confused as to why what he said, in his first paragraph, was wrong.

He flat out stated, "We never had sex."

... When did rape get reclassified to making out? Or is this a social redefining of rape that I haven't kept up on, not the actual legal definition?

He wasn't even making this about Read more

Jul 15 2014

They fucked and had sex, but after the guy became rich and famous she went to accuse him of rape so he would pay up money. Read more

Jul 15 2014

Because Third Wave Feminism has completely destroyed the definition of rape. Had sex that you regret? Thats Rape. Had sex but afraid someone would judge you for it? Rape. Don't like someone and want to destroy their life? Rape. Look at a woman wrong? Rape. Exist as a male? Rape.

This also makes it a thousand times Read more

Jul 15 2014

Only partway through, but I don't see how his initial post was bad? I mean, he says he didn't rape her, provides his side of the story, and that's that. Read more